Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 604

Chapter 604:

Moreover, he was only 66 years old, and he managed the Long Group in an orderly manner, without any errors. Like a long-lived person, why die so fast?

Will it be killed by Bai Jingrou?

It's none of her business.

However, by coincidence, his biological father was also named Long.

After spending fifteen minutes on the new news, Fang Xinxin turned on the laptop and quickly designed the house layout of the community.

Yes, after she stopped trading stocks more than a year ago, she mobilized more than 3 billion embezzled funds and invested a piece of land in the suburbs of the Imperial Capital in the name of'Sunny Real Estate Co., Ltd.' to build a new community, named'Jinxiu Sunshine' .

This land was relatively remote when it was first put into operation, with very little traffic, and no supporting facilities nearby. The most disgusting thing is that there is a garbage factory next to it.

Therefore, even if the land is expensive as the suburbs of the imperial capital, more than 3 billion will be taken.

Other developers are avoiding this garbage land. She has lived a lifetime again, so she wants this precious land.

Because, as I remembered, more than three universities with tens of thousands of people moved here in the next year, and many large enterprises have moved in one after another, a top-three hospital, and the popularity has gradually increased.

The most important thing is that the garbage factory that suppressed the increase in land prices was complained by too many residents nearby, and the toxic smoke produced by digesting the garbage greatly affected the health of the surrounding residents.

The garbage factory was removed by the government and the original site was turned into an environmentally friendly park.

Therefore, in the past year and a half, the **** land of the "Jinxiu Sun" project has become a treasure, and the price has soared tenfold in just over a year.

Many people are asking, who invested in this project, they are so insightful!

Thanks to Bai Qinghao, no one can find any information about Fang Xinxin's investment.

At the same time, the "Sun Game Company" she opened more than a year ago obtained the domestic agency rights of "Legend of War". This game became a hit in the country and made the first pot of gold. For this reason, she let the company The team of has researched out several new games, which have also been well received after they went live.

In the game company, she also made a lot of money.

Moreover, at the end of the sophomore year, she also opened a clothing company, also named Sunny Clothing Company.

Because I was born again, I know what clothes will be popular in the future.

She is also a professional in fashion design, and the clothes she designs are both fashionable and beautiful. In terms of materials, she also knows which fabrics are at a low price when, but the finished clothes are not reduced in price.

In just one year, the annual sales volume of clothes produced by Hot Sun Garment Company has reached 10 billion. Of course, that is sales, and profits are not that much.

In addition, she also invested in some auxiliary projects and made a lot of money.

All of these are business opportunities brought about by rebirth.

She doesn't just have to grow up to the day when she can keep pace with Bai Qinghao.

So, not to be compared with the identity of Bai Jingrou's heir to the Long clan!

In addition, she was pleased that the financial company opened by her eldest brother Fang Shaohua was also Rijin Doujin, and its scale was very large.

After countless revisions to the design drawings in Fang Xinxin's hands, the plots of the residential quarters for the "Jinxiu Sun" project have finally been completed. The floor plan was sent to an email to the company's project department mailbox, and ordered to build high-end residential houses from now on.

After doing this, she sighed, slumped on the chair, and took a sip of tea.