Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 606

Chapter 606:

"Since you are so determined, I don't want to hide it from you anymore." Jiang Xingnan seemed to have made up his mind before speaking with difficulty, "Actually, the grandmother Bai family agreed to your marriage with Bai Qinghao. It's just that I can't hold back Grandma Bai. I have been instructed by Grandpa Bai to pursue you."

Fang Xinxin's attitude was very calm, and the five fingers of both hands were leisurely crossed together, "As expected."

"But..." Jiang Xingnan's handsome face was serious, "I really liked you a long time ago. It was almost at the same time Grandpa Bai ordered that. Even your ugly...before you recovered, you liked it. you."

"Oh?" She was a little surprised this time, "Didn't you say that you only like beautiful beauties with good bodies."

He snorted proudly, "You are still a little charming." For example, a girl is not afraid of snakes, her temperament, eyes, singing are better than nature... etc.

"You don't need to love it." Fang Xinxin's expression was cold. In this life, she only needs Bai Qinghao's love.

"Don't you understand?" Jiang Xingnan almost wanted to yell, "The grandmother of the Bai family who can help you has passed away long ago, and the grandfather of the Bai family does not agree with your marriage to Bai Qinghao!"

Fang Xinxin thought about the impression in her memory, "Actually, Grandpa Bai's attitude towards this marriage is also neutral. After all, for him, the promise made by his deceased wife is equivalent to his. I think it is. You didn't say everything, it must be you who volunteered to invite me and said that you wanted to pursue me. Grandpa Bai Jia agreed jokingly."

When the facts were exposed, Jiang Xingnan's face was embarrassingly red, "So what!"

"Wasting time." Fang Xin admired his words.

Jiang Xingnan looked at her indifferent and raised her eyebrows anxiously, "Okay, this is my fault. But..." He gritted his teeth and told the result of his observation at Bai's house, "I'm telling you, that Bai Jingrou Women are not simple, I think she has extraordinary emotions in her eyes when she sees Bai Qinghao. And that woman has a deep heart. If you marry into Bai's family, you will definitely not be her opponent. Listen to me, you leave Bai Qinghao, maybe Bai Jingrou will let you go."

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows in surprise when she heard this.

From the memory of her previous life, she knew that Bai Jingrou was hiding very deeply.

However, unexpectedly, Jiang Xingnan would mention her in this life.

"Thank you." She thanked her sincerely.

Jiang Xingnan, although dull, had a little temper.

In fact, he doesn't bother to speak ill of others.

He can say that, it means he knows something on the side.

"Oh!" Jiang Xingnan sighed heavily, staring at her bitterly, "It seems that you don't listen to my advice!"

"I don't want to talk about my feelings for Bai Qinghao again." She ordered the maid, "Come on, pour tea for Master Jiang."

"No need, you are full of anger!" Jiang Xingnan picked up the tea cup Fang Xinxin had drunk, looked up and drank the water in the cup.

"You!" She glared at him.

He held the cup and raised it in front of her, and deliberately kissed the cup, "This is called indirect kissing, you know? The little master also tells you, the little master's mind is not that easy to change. Since you don't hit the south wall Looking back, Xiaoye will wait for the day you roll out of the Bai's house with tears and tears. Of course..."

At this point, a ray of worry flashed in his eyes, "I hope that day, you will be intact."