Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 609

Chapter 609:

Then, I was originally going to have lunch. In this case, I still have a fart. Everyone in the Bai family wants Bai Qinghao to break the marriage contract with her. She also angered him with words and let him free himself.

He still furiously told her, don't try to escape from his palm!

Moreover, he directly tied her to the Civil Affairs Bureau, forced her to obtain a marriage certificate.

Actually, thinking about it now, Bai Qinghao didn't design her at all, he had no reason to do so.

He was going to invite his grandfather, father and mother to meet her.

It was not her younger generation who went to see the elders, it was simply enough to give her face and lift her to heaven!

Fang Xinxin feels very sad when she thinks that she is stupid than a pig in her previous life.

If she were so stupid, she would kill her by buying a piece of tofu.

Sure enough, as Bai Qinghao's figure disappeared in the corner, a young woman wearing a pink dress and long hair shawl walked over. She has a nice figure, beautiful eyes, and a beautiful face, which can be regarded as a full beauty. Coupled with a dignified and demure temperament, she is full of demeanor.

She is Bai Jingrou.

In the last life, the moment I saw her, I felt that she was so beautiful and temperamental. At that time, I was ugly and fat, and dressed in dusty clothes. I was instantly compared to the dust by her, and my inferiority was indescribable.

It's different now.

She Fang Xinxin is better in figure and more beautiful in appearance. Wearing...the same style of dress, full of confidence!

Bai Jingrou carefully looked at Fang Xinxin's extremely slim figure, snow-skinned and beautiful, and light makeup set her facial features more exquisite.

The appearance of this woman is impeccably perfect!

She was surprised, especially when she saw Fang Xinxin's pink dress, which was exactly the same as her own.

What is hateful is that Bai Jingrou feels that she is beautiful enough to wear this skirt. Wearing the same style on Fang Xinxin, she abruptly compares herself, and a ray of discomfort flashes in her heart.

Fang Xinxin noticed that her unhappy eyes flashed away, and the corners of her lips conjured up irony.

It is to wear the same style as her deliberately, which disgusts her.

Who caused this woman to trap her in her previous life by mistakenly identifying the housekeeper as Grandpa Bai.

"You are Fang Xinxin. Hello, I'm Bai Jingrou. I believe my cousin mentioned me to you."

Jing Rou concealed the discomfort in her heart, with a graceful smile on her face, she spoke first.

Fang Xinxin smiled indifferently, "I'm sorry, Bai Qinghao never mentioned you." I didn't mention it, not because she didn't give her a face.

Bai Jingrou didn't expect that she would not give face to face, and the smile on her face froze for a moment, "It doesn't matter. Then I will introduce myself. Grandpa Bai has two sons, and the eldest son Bai Jin adopted me and my brother Bai Chenxi."

After speaking, he paused, "My adopted brother Bai Chenxi and Miss Fang San are also childhood sweethearts and have a good relationship. My father has passed away. And the youngest son of Grandpa Bai's grandfather Bai Hong only gave birth to my cousin Bai Qinghao The Bai family pays great attention to bloodliness. When my adopted brother Bai Chenxi and I were adopted, we confirmed that we did not have the right to inherit the Bai family. In other words, cousin Qinghao is the only heir of the Bai family."

"Miss Bai doesn't have to do this to make it so clear." Fang Xinxin smiled lightly, "I was engaged to Bai Qinghao since childhood. These things are clearer than you, and you don't need science."

Bai Jingrou has a good temper and is not angry. "Then I will be troubled. I just want to tell you that he can become the fiance of my cousin Bai Qinghao. His status is much more noble than my foster brother. lucky."

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