Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 610

Chapter 610:

It was a natural sentence, Fang Xinxin knew that she was alluding that she was not worthy of Bai Qinghao.

Holding the tea cup on the table, he sipped the hot tea in the cup, the taste is sweet and mellow, and the return is endless, the top Biluochunna.

"Good tea." Fang Xinxin murmured a compliment, but didn't mean to continue talking to Bai Jingrou.

Bai Jingrou didn't notice it for a while, her demure face flashed with pride, "By the way, you should congratulate me." She said to herself, "As an adopted daughter of the Bai family for many years, although my identity should be honored by the Bai family, after all The Bai family has no blood relationship. Unexpectedly, some time ago, my relatives finally found me. I did not expect that I was the granddaughter of the old chairman of the Long Group..."

The implication obviously implies that her identity is worthy of the Bai family lintel.

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows to look at her.

Why didn't she see it in the last life, this woman can't hide her crush on Bai Qinghao.

In fact, Bai Qinghao is extremely good, and Bai Jingrou would like a cousin who has no blood relationship, which is normal.

However, even though the two were also from the Bai family, Fang Xinxin knew that Bai Qinghao and Bai Jingrou were not familiar.

Because Bai Qinghao lived in a villa outside with his biological parents when he was a child, and when he grew up, he lived alone in the Imperial Court.

And Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou also live with his parents.

At best, the two families with the surname Bai meet at the old house of the Bai family during the holidays.

Bai Jingrou said a bunch of words on her own, but Fang Xinxin didn't even say a word. With her cleverness, she wouldn't understand that this woman was ignoring people.

For a moment of embarrassment, a flash of anger flashed in her seemingly calm eyes.

If you change someone, knowing that she is the adopted daughter of the Bai family and the heir of the Long Group, she won't hurry up.

How could this be?

"Do you look down on the identity of my grandson of the Dragon family?" Such a noble identity can arouse the envy of countless people, which is comparable to Fang Xinxin's down-and-out enterprise. Bai Jingrou wanted to see her low self-esteem on Fang Xinxin's face, but she didn't know what Fang Xinxin's face was expressionless, she didn't know what she was thinking.

"Yes, you rely on the identity of Mrs. Bai in the future, unexpectedly..." Bai Jingrou still wanted to say.

Fang Xinxin interrupted her impatiently, "You are also a highly educated person. Congratulations to a stranger to me, do you have a face?" Turning the peak of the conversation, she asked playfully, "Ms. Bai, you still rely on the Long family. The grandchildrens identity, deliberately satirizing me?"

This is what Bai Jingrou meant, but unfortunately, the inconvenience was clearly admitted, "How could it be. You are too worried."

She wouldn't be as stupid as Fang Liyin's mother and daughter, revealing their ambitions.

In the past, she had always sent people to secretly understand Fang's movements.

She thought that Fang Liyin and Fang Manxue's mother and daughter would clean up Fang Xinxin, and she would not have to spare any effort to make a profit.

I don't know that the wrong mother and daughter will die and be imprisoned for life. It's a waste!

What's even more annoying is that Fang Xinxin actually succeeded in losing weight, not to mention, she also recovered her beautiful appearance. Can be annoying.

Bai Jingrou's thoughts are deep, and she won't be able to fight insecure battles while she is frozen. She narrowed her expression. She seemed to point to the front twenty or thirty meters away, "Look, they are here!"

At the corner of the garden path, a gentle and gorgeous middle-aged woman walked over with a 60-something old man wearing a Chinese-style white shirt and black trousers.