Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 619

Chapter 619: Proposal Is Not Romantic 1

"It's all rumors." Fang Xinxin answered calmly, "Grandpa, think about it, how good your grandson Bai Qinghao is. I was just blind, and I know that Bai Chenxi's sesame seeds are incomparable with diamonds. To put it simply, I can't like Bai Chenxi even if it's feeling or reason."

"Then you really have Qinghao in your heart?" Bai Chongshan was worried, "I only have such a grandson. If you hurt his feelings..."

"Grandpa, I really have him in my heart." Fang Xinxin said sincerely, "It's all him."

Bai Qinghao, who was the first eavesdropper, stood at the door of the room, listening to his fiancees confession of affection, his cold heart filled with sweet joy.

He didn't rest assured Xinxin came, and fortunately he came.

Otherwise, wouldn't it be because of her thoughts?

Upon hearing this, Bai Chongshan stroked the gray goats beard with satisfaction, "Actually, not only I, but also Qinghaos parents, did not approve of you marrying into Bais family. However, because you are my late wife The determined future grandson-in-law is Qing Haos only request. So, lets go. Originally thought that Qing Haos most unbearable betrayal between you and Bai Chenxi, you may not be able to enter the Bai family. Now that you can go to this day, Grandpa has also watched the song you sang for Qinghao "The Love of Life is You", and watched your affectionate confession. I was also moved by you."

Yellowed eyes suddenly blinked at her mischievously, "You sing so well. Tell you quietly, I'm still your fan. Unfortunately, you are not a singer."

"Hehe, then I can sing a song for Grandpa occasionally." She also winked playfully. Bai Qinghao is eye-catching enough, she is not in the entertainment industry. Because with Bai Qinghao's abilities and her physical appearance, it was easy to praise her.

But she doesn't like being chased by the camera every day. Let others do things like big stars. She is a melon-eating crowd, just take a look.

"Hahaha!" Bai Chongshan laughed, walked in front of her, and patted her on the shoulder, "Old lady, I've been a master of life, and I'm still very accurate when I ask myself. You are Qinghao's wife, I can rest assured."

"I won't let you down." She promised sincerely.

Really, in this life, she will do everything to love that husband who is protecting her with her life.

The two chatted again. Bai Chongshan asked her to stay in the old house for a while, but she agreed. He pointed to the door, "Go, Qinghao waits for it."

Fang Xinxin bowed slightly, turned and left. As soon as he opened the study door, he was embraced by Bai Qinghao at the door.

"Fang Xinxin, I love you so much!" His cold voice was full of deep love.

She shyly nudged him, "Grandpa is here."

Looking here in the study.

"It's okay..." Bai Chongshan smiled so that the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes deepened, and waved indifferently, "Don't worry about me, I was young once."

Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin took them down the stairs, stepped out of the hall, and strolled in the beautiful Chinese garden.

At this time, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon.

The wind is sunny and the sky is sunny.

A slight wind blows, bringing cool comfort.

Fang Xinxin's graceful figure stood on a cobblestone path and stopped, looking sideways at Bai Qinghao, and muttering softly, "If you didn't propose to me, you announced the marriage news."