Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 620

Chapter 620: Marry Me

Bai Qinghao's expression fell abruptly, his sharp eyes flashed with a torrent of stormy prey, "Why, do you regret it?"

I don't know why, it may have been practiced secretly to propose to her for more than a year, and I was always afraid that she would refuse.

He...want to see a doctor, is he suffering from premarital anxiety?

She moved a step and looked up at him with an angry look.

If it is an ordinary person, I am afraid that it will scare him to death.

Knowing that he would never hurt her, she raised her hand and stroked his stern face, "Fool, how can I go back? I wish I could marry you!"

The anger that was about to be furious was instantly turned into a seamless disappearance by her gentle voice, he was suspicious, "That..."

"I mean, I'm definitely willing to marry you, but you have to propose to me first." She blinked her brilliant eyes at him, "Proposal, you know, you have to have a diamond ring, kneel down on one knee Ah what. That's so romantic."

Unfortunately, her husband has no romantic cells.

"It makes sense." Bai Qinghao's lips curled up with a rare smile, and he frowned again. "Blame me for being too anxious. I should propose romantically first."

It has been psychologically established for more than a year to propose to her.

Every time I practiced repeatedly, I was afraid that she would not agree in the end. She had no choice but to chop and play, and she agreed to get married.

Only with her can he be afraid of losing. He wouldn't say such a shameful thing, just honestly, "Although it is not romantic, I have proposed marriage, and the diamond ring is also given to you, and you agree."

"Is there?" She raised her delicate eyebrows suspiciously. "Why don't I know?"

"During dinner." He said solemnly, "You received the proposal ring, and I asked if you agree, you nodded."

Suddenly she took out the flannel square box he gave to eat from her pocket, and did not open it at the time. "There is such a thing, but I don't know this is a wedding ring..."

You really lied to my old lady to agree!

Opening the delicate flannel box, an oversized diamond ring lay quietly in the box, the big diamond gleaming and dazzling.

"Such a big diamond, perfectly cut, and it shines at three hundred and sixty-five degrees!" Fang Xinxin took out the ring and looked at the brand carved on the ring, which is the world's top brand jewelry Katisha brand. "This I have never seen this brand of diamond ring." She wanted to marry him, so naturally she had watched the wedding ring.

Of course, she will not suspect that it is a fake, which is very valuable at first glance. And he never buys any imitations.

"It was designed by MAson, the chief designer of Katishya, and this is the only pair." His wedding ring with Xinxin is naturally unique. Bai Qinghao took out another identical box from his suit trouser pocket, inside it was the men's ring of the same style, "I have booked this pair of wedding rings for more than a year."

With moving tears in Fang Xinxin's eyes, she patted him, "Tell me soon!"

As if thinking of something, "Such a big diamond, does it have eight carats?"

"Eight carats for each ring." Bai Qinghao nodded, "I wanted to be bigger. Mason said it was too big to affect the beauty of the design." You can't get a wedding ring and make it look like a nouveau riche.

"It's big enough, and I will ask the chief of the world's top jewelry company to design it...too expensive!" Fang Xinxin was heartbroken by his money.

The conservative value of this pair of wedding rings is estimated to be hundreds of millions.