Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 623

Chapter 623:

After discussing with her foster brother Fang Shaohua, she simply ended the Fang's enterprise and worked hard in the newly created company.

Now, in the eyes of people who don't know, Fang Xinxin really has no identity except for the title of Mrs. Bai Shao in the future.

Quietly pressed the recorder in his pocket, and recorded Bai Jingrou's words.

Just now I deliberately angered the other party. When the time comes, it will be played for everyone.

Seeing Fang Xinxin's silence, Bai Jingrou thought it was overwhelming, and her heart was secretly refreshed. She added, "Oh, I forgot, you still have a murderous house with a good location." She covered her mouth and laughed, "No, Fang. There was a corpse buried under the ground in the utility room of the villa, or your mother. You spent seven years with the corpse in that utility room. It was very comfortable, right? Your villa was originally worth a bit of money, but now it is such a fierce haunted house, the market 30% off the price, I wonder if it can be sold?"

"Bai Jingrou, is this your hidden face?" Fang Xinxin sneered, "Don't worry, my Fang family villa will never be sold. For others, it is a murderous house. To be with my mother, my mother will bless me besides being underground. I feel sorry for me, and there wont be any bad aspects. My villa doesnt need you to worry about it."

It was estimated that Bai Jingrou would not say too much, so she quietly pressed the recording end button.

Bai Jingrou looked around, except for Bai Chenxi who was hiding in the dark.

She wasn't here to pull the house, she suddenly took a step forward and eagerly took Fang Xinxin's hand, "Sorry, Miss Fang San, I was not good just now. You talked too much, so don't worry about it."

Fang Xinxin is paying attention to whether this woman is suddenly so polite, is she going to steal the red envelope.

In the last life, because she hated Bai Qinghao too much, it took a day or two to open the red envelopes given by the three elders of the Bai family.

As a result, it was discovered that each of the three red packets contained only one RMB 100.

Make her angry...not because of the money, but because of the disrespect of her parents.

Taking the Bai family's wealth and status to give a hundred yuan to the new wife is a deliberate humiliation. It is better not to give a dime.

She was so angry that she had a big fight with Bai Qinghao.

Bai Qinghao went to ask her parents and grandfather, only to find out that each of them gave her a check of 30 million in a red envelope.

And her red envelope, I don't know who was transferred. At that time, because a day or two had passed, it was not found.

She thought about it, because Bai Jingrou had contacted herself beforehand, which was suspicious.

But to speak out the question, Bai Jingrou cried so much that she would not do such a thing.

Everyone also thinks that as the sole heir of the Long Group, how much does it cost? It is impossible to steal money.

As a result, the 90 million cheques she obtained disappeared and became a headless case.

Now, she must catch this thief out.

In his thoughts, Fang Xinxin saw Bai Jingrou reach out the three red envelopes in her pocket at a very fast speed, and at the same time put the other three red envelopes into her pocket.

In the previous life, her 90 million was actually replaced by Bai Jingrou into 300!

well done!

She didn't even know that Bai Jingrou still had this hand, stealing things so fast, she was really a thief.

Just as Fang Xinxin was about to pick up the thief, Bai Chenxi suddenly walked out from the corner and said loudly, "Jingrou, you give Miss Fang San a red envelope, don't be sneaky!"

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