Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 624

Chapter 624:

Bai Jingrou was very smart, and immediately understood that the situation was different, and deliberately threw the three red envelopes that had just been exchanged on the ground, "Hey, Sansao, your red envelopes are dropped."

He also bent down, kindly picked up the three red envelopes on the ground and handed it to her, smiling and saying, "This is for you from the parents of the white family, so please put it away."

Fang Xinxin took it, and she was reminded of her sudden stop of committing the crime and looking at Bai Chenxi thoughtfully.

Moreover, the reminder was so seamless that she couldn't find a reason to want to have an attack.

I also knew that Bai Jingrou brothers and sisters were not so easy to deal with. The future is long.

Xinxin retracted the red envelope a little depressed. Opened on the spot, the three red envelopes were indeed a cheque worth 30 million each in memory.

Each check has the signatures of three different elders of the Bai family, and you can see who sent it at a glance.

Fang Xinxin took out the three red envelopes that Bai Jingrou had inserted into her pocket again, "You secretly gave me red envelopes, and you gave them three at a time." The same immediately opened, "One hundred yuan each. People who dont know. , I thought you wanted to exchange my 90 million yuan with three hundred yuan red envelopes."

Bai Jingrou's smile froze on her face, how could she admit, "Miss Fang San, you misunderstood me. You are new in the door, I just give you a red envelope to show my sincerity."

"Misunderstanding you?" Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "You give me three red envelopes by yourself?"

"Yes..." Bai Chenxi answered, and of course helped her sister, "That's it, my sister Jingrou only gave you one, and the other two were given to you by my mother and I, let her pass it on. Give you."

"Yes, right." Bai Jingrou hurriedly continued as her brother said, "I'm afraid you won't take it, so I quietly put it in your pocket."

"Yes, three hundred yuan." Fang Xinxin threw three hundred yuan directly on Bai Chenxi's face, "I don't accept such a huge number. Keep it for yourself."

Bai Chenxi was smashed and his face became ugly.

"Ms. Fang San is too young?" Bai Jingrou's eyes drifted with a sneer, "The so-called reason is light and righteous, I did not expect that the future cousin will be such a cheap person."

"Hahaha." Fang Xinxin smiled, "Bai Jingrou, don't use a fake morality to overwhelm others," squinted slightly, "Are you polite and righteous? Are you going to take three hundred yuan? I know how to trade my 90 million with money. I also want to take your thief, and you have this face!"

Bai Jingrou's face turned red and white, and her voice explained sadly, "I haven't touched your red envelope at all. When I gave you the red envelope, your three red envelopes happened to fall out..."

"When you committed the crime, your brother Bai Chen hoped the wind, and found that Butler Bai Mingde was watching in secret, your brothers and sisters should stop committing the crime, right." Fang Xinxin didn't say much nonsense, "Butler Bai will report this to his grandfather. Whatever you think, its not something I can intervene."

Bai Jingrou's face instantly paled.

Fang Xinxin can clean up Bai Jingrou with just one kick, if she really stole the 90 million cheques.

She was also very angry when she was destroyed by Bai Chenxi.

Xinxin put 90 million cheques into her handbag and left angrily.

When she walked away, Bai Chenxi pretended to stroll with Bai Jingrou in the yard.

Jing Rou was afraid after a while, "Brother, it's fortunate that you saw the white housekeeper watching in secret, otherwise, I'll be over."