Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 625

Chapter 625:

Bai Chenxi lowered her voice and said, "Fang Xinxin seems to have known you would do this a long time ago, so she found the housekeeper Bai Mingde to stare at you in secret. With Bai Mingde's loyalty, what you have done will definitely be reported truthfully. Fortunately, you just now Clever, I didn't put the red envelope in my pocket, otherwise it would be over."

Bai Jingrou felt uneasy, "But even if we ended up playing a round, it was too hard for us to pretend to give Fang Xinxin a red envelope like this..."

"It's not just a day or two for the old and undead members of the Bai family to have opinions on us," Bai Chenxi condensed his eyebrows. "You can't let Butler Bai tell the truth about it, otherwise, it will be troublesome."

"Yeah." Bai Jingrou's eyes flashed a sinister, cold lips, "Fang Xinxin thought it would do anything to me. Isn't it difficult for a white housekeeper to seal his mouth?"

Bai Chenxi is very optimistic about her younger sister, "I knew you had a way."

"Leave it to me." The light in Bai Jingrou's eyes was full of profound meaning.

Suddenly, a message from her mobile phone rang. Looking through it, it was a message from Long Jingyuan, the old chairman of the Long Group:

[Xiao Rou, how are you doing at the Bai's house? Is there anything lacking in the economy?

When Bai Chenxi saw the message, he immediately said to her, "You quickly tell the dead old man that you are very poor and let her pay you a huge sum of money."

"I just praised you, you can't keep your breath." Bai Jingrou praised him with a big white eye, and said deeply, "Long Jingyuan is very ghostly, and I have been back to Long's house for a few days. I sent someone to add a few pieces of clothing and jewelry to me, and the others were insignificant, which seemed to be either guarding me or testing me. If I showed a desire for money at this time, it would be counterproductive."

After speaking, she replied a text message in a sensible text:

[Thank you, grandpa, for your concern. I'm having a good time. There is nothing lacking financially.

Sure enough, after she responded like this, Long Jingyuan saw from her hesitant text that she seemed to be doing badly, and immediately returned a message:

[Grandpa puts a sum of money into your account. Dont forget to tell Grandpa what youve been wronged in the Bais family, you know?

[Thank you, grandpa, you are my only real relative. When Bai Jingrou sent this text message, she also added a touched expression.

Ding! With a sound, the bank text message came in, and the Longshi Group financed her account with 10 million cash.

Bai Chenxi kept staring at her mobile phone, widening her eyes in surprise, "Old Man Long's shot is really heavy. I gave you 10 million in one go."

"That is." A ray of greed flashed in Bai Jingrou's eyes, "The whole Long Group belongs to me!"

"Fang Xinxin didn't get the 90 million just now. You divided me 5 million for the money that Old Man Long gave me!" Bai Chenxi said.

"Brother, my money is of great use." Bai Jingrou glared at him, "You want money, you won't go to your old friend Fang Xinxin for it? The three elders from the Bai family gave her nine Dont forget to meet you. You get half of it, but its a lot more money than mine. Okay, Im going to stop the white housekeeper and leave first."

Turn around and run.

Bai Chenxi thought, her sister made sense.

In the past, as long as she talked to Fang Xinxin, that idiot would have to be responsive.

Although she has changed a little now, it's okay to borrow some money from him, right?


The housekeeper Bai Mingde witnessed the change or gift red envelope drama just now, and walked towards the main building of the old house, and walked around the corner.