Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 626

Chapter 626:

Bai Jingrou suddenly appeared from the side and greeted with a faint smile, "Uncle De, where are you going?"

"Report something to the old lady."

"Is it because I gave Miss Fang San a red envelope just now?" She asked bluntly.

Bai Mingde knew that Bai Chenxi had only discovered him, and he did not hide it, "It is indeed the case."

Bai Jingrou said sadly, "You can see that Miss Fang San seems to be unkind to me. She actually said that I want to exchange her red envelopes. How can I do this kind of thing, a grandson daughter of the dignified Dragon Group? Look, the pocket money that my pro-grandfather, chairman Long, gave me was just 10 million."

After speaking, show him the short message that the bank just prompted, "Fang Xinxin is maliciously slandering me. You must not believe her instigation. From Grandpa Bai, can you say something nice?"

Bai Mingde glanced at the text message, and it turned out that the Long Group gave her 10 million yuan, "I wonder what Ms. Bai thinks of me?"

"Just say..." Bai Jingrou turned her eyes beautifully, "I kindly helped Fang Xinxin pick up the red envelope that she fell out. She deliberately falsely accused me and said I wanted to change her red envelope."

A trace of surprise appeared on Bai Mingde's old face, "Miss Bai, she didn't mean that. You are unkind if you do this..."

"I definitely didn't mean to change her red envelope. She has to blame me so much. Do you think she is kind?" Bai Jingrou went further and quietly stuffed a cheque into his hand. "This is a little bit of a trivial matter. I hope you can help me." Little busy."

Bai Mingde looked at the check in his eye, 300,000 yuan.

She is generous in her shots.

He returned the check to her, "Fang Xinxin is already an ironclad Mrs. Bai. I have worked in the Bai family all my life, and I will be kicked out of the Bai family if I blame her. I cant collect your money. Besides, even if you change someone, do it. As a housekeeper, I can't go wrong."

"It's okay if you don't do the difference, you can take the money..."

"Never." Bai Mingde forced the check back into her hand, "If you insist, don't blame me for reporting your bribery to the old lady."

Bai Jingrou had to withdraw the check and gritted her teeth and asked, "So, do you have to report the red envelope to Grandpa Bai truthfully?"

"Yes. Although you are the granddaughter of Chairman Long Lao, it is one thing for Chairman Long Lao to give you money, and the red envelope with you and Fang Xinxin is another matter." Bai Mingde has an official attitude. , "Believe, the old lady has arbitrage after knowing it."

"Really?" Bai Jingrou suddenly stared at the old housekeeper Bai Mingde, and Bai Mingde's eyes immediately became dull.

"Just now Bai Jingrou just stuffed Fang Xinxin with a red envelope, she accidentally dropped her red envelope and returned it to her on the spot." Bai Jingrou said slowly from her mouth.

Bai Mingde followed mechanically: "Just now Bai Jingrou just stuffed Fang Xinxin with a red envelope, and accidentally dropped her red envelope and returned it to her on the spot."

Bai Jingrou repeated it several times. Butler Bai Mingde had already formed this impression in her mind, and she bowed her mouth proudly, "Go."

Bai Mingde then headed towards the main building.

She originally wanted Bai Mingde to bite Fang Xinxin under hypnosis and accused her of stealing the red envelope.

However, when I thought that the three red envelopes I gave each contained only one hundred yuan, it really couldn't make sense.