Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 629

Chapter 629:

"It's nothing to talk about." Bai Chongshan didn't care. "Qinghao and Fang Xinxin have lived together in the Imperial Court a long time ago, and they don't see other people making irresponsible remarks. Zhishu, young people, you will ignore them in the future."

"Yes." Huang Zhishu was reprimanded by her father-in-law again, feeling very depressed.

There was a quiet smile on Bai Jingrous face, "Cousin, you and Ms. Fang San have lived in the Royal Court for more than a year, and there is no good news that Ms. Fang San is pregnant. You have to work hard. Grandpa is waiting for your great-grandson. ."

A blessing that was extraordinarily unintentional, but Fang Xinxin heard what was said.

She has lived with Bai Qinghao for more than a year, but there is no news!

Bai Qinghao's body is strong and stalwart, naturally no one thinks of him, but Fang Xinxin can't give birth to her.

Sure enough, Bai Chongshan frowned his gray eyebrows, "Xinxin girl, you really care about adding a heir to the Bai family."

"Grandpa, before, I didn't want Xinxin to get pregnant when she was unmarried, so I don't want children for the time being." Bai Qinghao said majesticly.

Everyone can hear that two people have **** with each other as contraception. Na Xinxin will naturally not get pregnant.

"As long as you two have no physical problems," Bai Chongshan said solemnly in his Cang Mai voice, "Don't avoid it in the future, otherwise when will my great-grandson appear?"

"Let's go with the flow." Bai Qinghao's expression was cold and unwavering.

But there was a slight sorrow in my heart.

Just now, I just don't want Grandpa to worry about it. In fact, he and Xinxin have never taken contraceptive measures in the past year or two.

Is Xinxin unable to have children? Still have a problem?

He decides to do an inspection first when he is free.

Fang Xinxin didn't worry about the issue of heirs at all, because she was pregnant once in her previous life.

It is a pity that her child was beaten by a bowl of abortion pill in the first trimester!

At that time, although she disliked Bai Qinghao very much, she wished he would die and clamored to destroy the child.

It really came to her head, but she couldn't bear it, after all, it was her own blood.

Bai Qinghao even locked her in the old house of the Bai family and refused to allow her to go out because she was afraid that she would not want to go to the hospital for an abortion.

One day, when she was walking in the yard, she was tired of walking, so she asked the servant to move the table and chairs on the grass, and also prepared antifetal medicine and snacks.

She originally sat and rested for a while, holding the anti-fetal medicine on the table and wanted to take it. The bowl came to her lips, feeling that the medicine had an abnormal smell.

She noticed that the medicine was abnormal, so she didn't plan to drink it.

Unexpectedly, the mind was in a strange trance, and the willpower seemed to be uncontrollable. He picked up the medicine on the table and poured it down.

Bai Qinghao from the previous life happened to see the scene when she put the medicine bowl back on the table and walked over quickly, "I asked her anxiously what did she drink?"

Only then did her consciousness return, but her stomach hurt so much that she couldn't speak.

It turned out later that it was a bowl of abortion pills, and her baby was gone.

At that time, Bai Qinghao, including Bai Qinghao, thought that she deliberately took the abortion pill and killed the child.

Bai's family members were so angry that Bai Qinghao divorced her.

Bai Qinghao also hated her and hated her.

"Fang Xinxin, you are too cruel to kill your own flesh and blood! If you have the ability, you can come to me and kill me! Don't use an unformed child!" Bai Qinghao roared with anger. Even after so long, she was still deeply in her heart.

However, no matter how she explained, he didn't believe that she didn't take the child voluntarily.