Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 632

Chapter 632:

"The president has to give Bai Hong a three-pointer. Why didn't you get Bai Hong directly?" Bai Jingrou raised doubts.

"I've tried it, but I can't hook it up. Moreover, Bai Hong is much smarter than Bai Jin. His wife, Ye Yunzhi, doesn't care about anything. She is not a fuel-efficient lamp. His natal family is backed by a powerful family, which is really difficult to deal with. I know Bai Hong as Bai Jins wife. With Bai Hongs character, she is a woman who will never steal his eldest brother. I dont want to be found out by the Bai family of your siblings..." Zhi Shu sighed, "A variety of reasons have piled up, and I can only become the wife of the Bai family's wretched Bai Jin."

"It's already very good." Bai Jingrou said, "If you can't enter the door of the Bai family, where is the glory and wealth."

"Indeed." Zhi Shu stroked her daughter's hair lightly, "My daughter is so good. Your mother and I are bound by too many reasons, hooked up to Baijin, the achievement is the end. You are different..."

Squinted slightly, "You have the identity of the adopted daughter of the Bai family. The Bai family has raised you for more than 20 years, even if those old and undead dont wait to see you again, its still somewhat emotional. Now you have become the only member of the Long Group. Heir."

"Only a good man like Bai Qinghao is worthy of me." Bai Jingrou said confidently, "What's more, I have liked Bai Qinghao for more than 20 years. The more he doesn't look at me, the more I want her."

"Back then, I had a few'actions', and Bai Jin still protected Hu Lewei. The momentary frustration didn't mean anything."

Bai Jingrou cheered up, "Mom, don't worry. I will make Fang Xinxin worse than the **** Hu Lewei back then!"

"This is my good daughter." Huang Zhishu confessed, "At the moment, you must stay calm. Let Bai Qinghao's other party Xinxin disappointed, it will be accumulated little by little. You know?"

"Daughter asks herself, the means is not lower than you."


One hour later, Bai Chongshan, the grandfather of the Bai family, set up a rectangular table in the elegant Chinese garden. On the table were pens and ink, blank scrolls, and rice paper.

Bai Chenxi accompanied him.

"Grandpa, are you writing?" Bai Jingrou walked towards him with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, are you in a better mood?" Bai Chongshan is very fond of calligraphy fonts. He picked up the brush and soaked it with ink, and wrote a large hand of dragon and phoenix on the scroll.

Bai Jing softly replied, "I feel much better. Thank you Grandpa for your concern."

Bai Chongshan saw Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin standing under a tree not far away, and hurriedly waved at them.

The two came over.

Bai Chongshan picked up the handwriting he had just written, "Look at what I just wrote."

"Dragon and phoenix dance, the pen is strong, very good." Fang Xinxin praised concisely.

"Grandpa, I also want to practice pen." In order to please the old man, Bai Jingrou has been practicing calligraphy secretly, and now she can write decent calligraphy.

"Good, good." Bai Chongshan nodded.

Jing Rou picked up the brush, narrowed her eyes full of calculations, and wrote four very complicated and numerous strokes on the rice paper. Every stroke and every stroke of the text under her pen was quite proper and decent.

Bai Chenxi touched his chin, completely ignorant of what the younger sister wrote, "Jingrou, what did you write?"

Huang Zhishu also walked over from a corner of the yard and looked at the special font on the rice paper, "I don't know either." Curiously asked Fang Xinxin, "Ms. Fang San, you are a well-known and talented woman. You must know each other."