Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 638

Chapter 638:

Fang Xinxin smiled upon hearing the words.

The Sun Consortium, which she founded by herself, has various industries under its umbrella, with an annual turnover of tens of billions.

To tell the truth, I did not take a penny from Bai Qinghao and did not take advantage of Bai Qinghao's foreign power. Otherwise, outsiders will not know that she is now at the high end of a successful entrepreneur.

It's okay for her to transfer tens of billions of cash.

However, even though everyone thinks that her Fang family is down and out of money, there are still very few people who are really so ironic.

Especially, everyone knows that Bai Qinghao spoils her, and she is the wife of the future president of the Shengshi Group. As an employee of the Shengshi Group, she can't get into trouble and offend her face to face.

There is something wrong with Xiao Aiting.

After Bai Jingrou stopped the car, she was not far away. Hearing all the conversations here, she still pretended to walk over without knowing anything, "What happened?"

"You are Miss Bai Jingrou. Oh, I've seen your photos on the news, look up for a long time!" Xiao Aiting immediately showed a flattering expression.

"It's me, may you be?"

"I am Xiao Aiting, an employee of the Fashion Design Department. I heard that you are going to be in charge of our planning department soon. Please take care of me in the future."

There was a quiet smile on Bai Jingrou's face, "It's not necessarily true. Miss Fang San and I will each hand in a work competition today. Whoever wins will have the position of supervisor."

"She's your opponent." Xiao Aiting slapped her ass, "If she doesn't slap Bai Qinghao, your noble grandson daughter of Long will crush her. Moreover, I have seen your costume design. His works have won third prizes internationally."

"Wow!" a group of employees praised, "I won the third prize internationally, that's a top expert."

Someone whispered among the crowd, "I heard that the position of the head of the clothing and high accounting department was originally reserved for Miss Bai Jingrou. It was Fang Xinxin who crossed the line... It looks like Fang Xinxin is a junior who just finished her junior year. Huangmao girl, it is estimated that this competition will be ugly to lose..."

Fang Xinxin looked at everyone's reactions one by one.

Look at Bai Jingrou's face, although she has a demure smile, with decent makeup.

Occasionally, a trace of pride flashed in my eyes.

Understand in an instant.

What did I hear about the default... Apart from Bai Qinghao and Bai Chongshan, only Bai Jingrou's family knew about this. It is impossible for the first two to say this to the outside world. Bai Jingrou released the eight achievements of the default Fengsheng.

As for Xiao Aiting, she rushed to step on her, the future president's wife.

Eighty percent was bought by Bai Jingrou.

Bai Jingrou is sinister and cunning, but Fang Manxue is much more difficult to deal with.

In my previous life, I suffered countless losses, miscarriage, blindness, paralysis...

Unexpectedly, even the mastermind behind the scenes cannot be found. It's just an intuitive guess that Bai Jingrou did.

She is really hiding too deep.

Bai Jingrou must be very proud of her identity as the only heir to the Long clan, but unfortunately, in the eyes of outsiders, she has always been accustomed to being elegant and dignified, so it is inconvenient to speak out by herself.

So, I borrowed the mouth of others.

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows, "What is so amazing about winning the third prize in an international competition? Speak up, let everyone pay their respects."

"Oh, it's not a big deal..." Bai Jingrou was humble.

"You are also worthy of paying respect." Xiao Aiting cast a disdainful look at Fang Xinxin, "Don't think that you are a master of Beijing University. "