Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 640

Chapter 640:

She hesitated and walked into the executive elevator.

When one of the employees in the queue looked at it, someone was dissatisfied in an instant. Xiao Aiting took the lead and said, "Fang Xinxin has no position in the Shengshi Group. Why does she take the executive elevator."

"Yes." The rest of the employees seemed to be late, but they could only wait for the elevator, and they caught fire.

When Bai Jingrou saw Fang Xinxin entering the executive elevator, she also wanted to enter. I didn't know that the security guard standing next to her stopped her, "I'm sorry, this lady, please show your executive ID."

"I don't have this certificate..."

"Then you can't take this elevator." The security guard justified the matter.

Bai Jingrou pointed to Xinxin, "But why can she? She is not the executive here either..."

The security guard said, "She is the wife of the future president, and her face is the document."

"I'm Bai Jingrou, the adopted daughter of the Bai family. Can you accommodate me?"

"The employee elevator on the left, please." The security guard gave her a please gesture.

Bai Jing was soft and angry. Seeing that all the employees in the queue looked at the joke-like mocking expressions, she was instantly stimulated and said with a cold face, "You are a little security guard who looks down on others and favors others. Who will give you this? Guts?"

"I'm sorry." The security explained helplessly, "I don't want to embarrass you. But this is what the president ordered, and I can't help it."

Everyone can be heard, Bai Qinghao seems to have a bad relationship with Bai Jingrou. The adopted daughter of the Bai family has no status in the Bai family.

Fang Xinxin pressed the elevator button and waited, "Since Miss Bai is not taking this elevator, I will go upstairs first."

Bai Jingrou's face turned red and white with awkwardness and ugliness. She walked to the employee elevator on the left, a bunch of people were queuing, and she was embarrassed to jump in.

Everyone's weird eyes made her feel ashamed.

She was so angry that she wanted to take the stairs, but the clothing design department she was going to was on the 31st floor. She couldn't climb so high in high heels.

Seeing that there are only five minutes away from work, being late for the first day at the company will make the impression of the boss and colleagues bad.

Zhengshou didn't know what to do, Xiao Aiting waved to her in the employee elevator, "Miss Bai, come in."

"Hey, it's not good to jump in the queue." The people in the line behind were dissatisfied.

"I'll give her the position I've been in. Let's go to the head office." Xiao Aiting walked out of the elevator and changed Bai Jingrou into it.

This time everyone is okay.


On the 31st floor of Shengshi Group Commercial Building, Fang Xinxin stepped out of the elevator. The offices on the corridor were marked with pattern-making room, business department, purchasing department... and walked into the office of the clothing design department.

When the time just pointed to eight o'clock in the morning, Bai Jingrou also followed.

Dozens of desks are neatly arranged, except for one vacant seat, and one person sits at each of the other desks.

As the two entered the arena, everyone's eyes swept over.

In the office lobby, a middle-aged man in a black suit and blue tie was waiting. He met the two and introduced himself, "Im Yang Tian, Vice President of Shengshi Group, Miss Fang San, Miss Bai, two it is good."

Obviously know two people.

There was an elegant smile on Bai Jingrou's face, "Hello Vice President Yang."

"Hello." Fang Xinxin also greeted politely.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm late!" Xiao Aiting ran in anxiously.

Yang Tian frowned solemnly, "What a decent way of being reckless."