Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 641

Chapter 641:

"I will pay attention next time."

"Youre late for one time in a month, and youre fined. Two times are credited. Three times, the quarterly prize is gone." Yang Tian reminded coldly, "Youre already late twice."

While Shengshi Group has high salaries, it also has strict work requirements for its employees.

"I promise I won't be late for the third time." Xiao Aiting apologized repeatedly and walked back to the only empty seat in the office lobby.

Yang Tian gestured to the fifty designers present, "These designers are capable people." And the other party Xinxin and Bai Jingrou said, "You two will have the winner of the competition as their supervisor. Okay. Please come to the conference room with me for a while. I will design the works on the spot, and I will monitor the whole process. I will not participate in the selection and will not disclose who the works are. After your work is designed, it will be anonymously left by the company. The top executives voted for the winner."

Bai Jingrou made a suggestion, "Since I am leading a team of fifty designers, why not let these designers here also vote?" In this way, those executives should not try to cover up.

Yang Tian looked at Fang Xinxin, and she nodded, "I agree."

Bai Jingrou still feels worried, "Vice President Yang, my mother wants to monitor it with you, okay?"

After all, if Yang Tian can see the monitoring, he knows which works are designed by who, in case he whispers to the news, let other executives all vote for Fang Xinxin's works...

Therefore, it is fair for his mother to watch Yang Tian and tell him not to spread to the outside world.

Yang Tian wouldn't know what she was worried about, "Miss Bai, can't you believe me?"

"It's my mother who wants to watch my design process. You are so worried."

"Really." Yang Tian said he didn't believe it, or nodded, "Yes. Where is your mother now?"

"She is already on the first floor of the building, and I will let her go to the monitoring room in a while."

"no problem."

In the meeting room on the 67th floor, there is a very long luxurious meeting table with dignified chairs neatly arranged in front of the table.

Fang Xinxin and Bai Jingrou sat at each end of the long table, far apart.

So far away, no matter how good the sight is, I can't see the other party's drawing on the drawing.

Tools such as paper, pen and paint are all ready.

Each person has three hours of design time.

Jing Rou had already thought about the design drawings, so she was just writing the pen, and she could hand over the work in an hour at most. Speed can kill Fang Xinxin in seconds.

Unexpectedly, after only fifteen minutes, Fang Xinxin got up from her seat and said in a clear and sweet voice, "Hand in paper!"

"So fast?" Bai Jingrou lifted her head from the drawing and looked at her from a distance across the super long table, "Fang Xinxin, have you finished the drawing?"

"Nonsense." Fang Xinxin got up and walked out of the meeting room.

Bai Jingrou was very depressed, because the pictures she designed were extremely complicated and exquisite. Even if she had painted countless times, it still took an hour to complete.

Sign your name in the lower right corner of the work.

"The painting is finished!" She also said, watching a female secretary come in, and directly covered the name of the painter with a sticker at the sign of the second work.

In this way, no one can see who the artist is.

Then, the two works were put together.

Bai Jingrou felt uneasy, and even changed the order of the left and right works.

In order to avoid being implied that it is Fang Xinxin's work.