Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 643

Chapter 643:

"Twenty executives, fifty fashion designers." Anna replied respectfully.

"That is, one person passed unanimously." Bai Qinghao turned his back to the big screen and didn't see who won.

I glanced at the laptop in front of me, and the winner was...

Fang Xinxin walked into the conference room with a cup of coffee in her hand, "Who got the full vote? Could it be that I was so miserable that I had a zero duck egg?"

After seeing the results on the screen clearly, she laughed, "It turns out that Bai Jingrou lost the election with zero votes, hahaha, she is so embarrassed."

Everyone in the meeting room looked at Fang Xinxin, who had just entered the door, and saw her in a fashionable and cutting-edge white card-waisted suit. Her waist was extraordinarily slender, her hair curled behind her head, and her face was unparalleled beauty.

Really is the beauty of prosperity!

Hearing her words, the serious expressions of several executives also raised their lips.

Bai Qinghao beckoned to her, "Come here."

Fang Xinxin threw the coffee cup in her hand into the trash can and walked to him, "Mr. Bai, I'll make you face."

"Yeah." Bai Qinghao only glanced at Jingrou's work, and when he looked at Fang Xinxin's design work, his sharp eyes were filled with surprise. Unexpectedly, her design was so perfect that she couldn't spot a single fault. "I announced that the winner of the match between Bai Jingrou and Fang Xinxin is Fang Xinxin. From now on, Fang Xinxin will be the head of the clothing design department."

Twenty executives applauded warmly.

Bai Jingrou could not accept this result. Not only is it too embarrassing to be unable to lose this game, and cannot enter the Shengshi Group to exercise, then the old guy in the Long Group will not let her go to the Long Group because of her insufficient qualifications.

Then when will she be able to control the Long Group!

"I'm not convinced!" Bai Jingrou was never willing to directly violate Bai Qinghao's meaning, and now she can't care about that much.

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows, "Which aspect is not satisfied? Do you think the selection vote is unfair?"

"Absolute and fair vote!" Several senior executives spoke in succession, "I will vote for whoever works better."

Bai Jingrou bit her lip. "I'm not saying that voting was unfair. Fang Xinxin is a college student who has not left the society, and I have rich experience in costume design. How could I get zero votes?"

"Your design is too bad." Fang Xinxin pointed out the facts.

Everyone looked at the two works on the big screen.

Fang Xinxin designed a fashionable international big-name knee-length dress. The embroidery design is particularly exquisite. The manuscript runs smoothly and professionally and accurately. Even the LOGO embedded on the clothes is a perfect embellishment.

On the other hand, Bai Jingrous works, a set of ethnic suits designed by Bai Jingrou, are detailed and complex, with rich colors. The second pair of visual observations makes it feel a lot worse than Fang Xinxins masterpiece.

Bai Jingrou could not refute Fang Xinxins work, but she said plausibly, "Its undeniable that even I agree that the winning work is so excellent that it makes people impeccable. But the style of this work is different from last year, this year, and internationally. The design masters of Alice (Alice) who won the Fashion Design Award are the same. As we all know, Alice design masters never make it easily. However, if it is Mr. Bai's face, I believe she will be happy to design a work privately and give it to Fang Xinxin."

When she said so, the executives present were silent.