Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 646

Chapter 646:

Yang Tian snorted, "What nonsense! In Shengshi Group, she always speaks with ability. Fang Xinxin skipped the position of supervisor, not because of nepotism, but because of her ability to be a competent manager."

"It's just a college student, and I don't have any social work experience..." Xiao Aiting was not convinced.

"Okay. Don't be ashamed of eating for a few years. In this world, there are many things that you think are impossible." Yang Tian said directly, "Fang Xinxin is the famous international fashion designer Alice."

Following his words.

"Really? No..." Doubts came one after another.

"It's more real than gold. Bai Jingrou, the opponent who just lost the election, called to Alice's studio to confirm." Yang Tian said, "In the future, you must obey Fang Xinxin's leadership. I hope to make excellent results in your post. "

Fang Xinxin also said, "I'll be a fair boss. I'm sitting here, it's all based on ability. Moreover, I won't be a manager in the clothing design department for too long. As for the reason, you know."

"Does Manager Fang work on Alice's studio separately, or have a baby with Mr. Bai?" A female employee joked.

Fang Xinxin smiled, "Both. So, if I roll, you guys who are capable will have the opportunity to sit in my seat. Of course, I won't let the rotten taro fill up."

There are many people who want to sit in the manager's position. In an instant, waves of compliments and worship sounded towards Fang Xinxin.

Xiao Aiting was standing dingy in the corner and stopped temporarily.

Fang Xinxin does not accept any flattery, just tells everyone, work hard.

The design manager also involved many aspects, such as going to the production workshop to see the actual samples designed by the drawings, etc., there is no need to work eight hours like ordinary employees.

On that day, the internationally renowned designer Alice was actually a student Fang Xinxin whose news went viral on the Internet.

And Fang Xinxin once again became famous.

Only Bai Jingrou looked at the news, her face turned blue with anger. Fang Xinxin, a bitch, not only prevented her from entering the golden age of the Shengshi Group, but also made her have no excuse to take charge of the Long Group!

The outside world only knows that she is the famous designer Alice.

Only he knows how successful she is in her career.

In the past two years, the Sunny consortium of business rookies, whether it is its apparel branch, game company, or real estate company, has gradually developed into industry leaders.

For such a successful company, as the president of Shengshi Group and the future heir of the Bai family, how could he not secretly investigate?

I checked it and found out that this is all the masterpiece of his fiancee!

She is really an outstanding business investment acumen. She almost makes a lot of money by investing, just like she has the ability to predict, she has never missed it.

So, what a century-old Longshi Group is still in the limelight.

I believe that in time, her achievements must be above the Long Group.

He found that some newspapers even wrote that only Bai Jingrou, the grandson of the Long Group, was worthy of him.

In fact, even Bai Jingrou's grandson and daughter of the Long Group cannot compare with his fiance.

Not to mention that his fiancee is so outstanding, even if she knows nothing.