Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 647

Chapter 647:

She is also the woman he has loved in his life.

Fang Xinxin was lying in Bai Qinghao's arms and swiping her mobile phone. When she saw a news article saying that Shengshi Group intends to acquire the Hotsun Game Company under the Hotsun Consortium, she asked him suspiciously, "Do you want to buy?"

Bai Qinghao glanced at the news and said, "Rumors. It is estimated that other companies want to buy Hotsun Games, deliberately letting out the news first to explore the bottom."

"I thought you wanted to buy?"

"I can't wait to give you everything I own, how could I buy your company." He scratched her little nose lovingly.

She chuckles, "Listen to me. People want to say, if you want to buy a company under my name, you don't have to be too troublesome. Just say it, and I will hold it in both hands."

Although he didn't care about any of her properties, he was still very moved by hearing, "Xinxin..."


He hugged her tightly, and his cold male voice said with emotion, "You are so kind to me."

"You treat me better." She hugged him back, her whole heart filled with him.

Bai Qinghao kissed her lips full of love.

"Creating people" light up the enthusiasm of the night...

The next day, it happened to be Saturday without going to work.

Fang Xinxin carrying a casual handbag, wearing a set of white casual clothes, stood waiting in the courtyard of the old house of the Bai family.

Bai Jingrou saw her beautiful figure from a distance, even in casual clothes, could not stop her stunning and elegant temperament.

With jealousy in her heart, she came over, but smiled and greeted, "Miss Fang San, are you going to go out?"

"Yes." Fang Xinxin has no need to be rude to Ming.

The driver Tong Yu drove an Aston Martin super luxury car and parked next to Fang Xinxin.

"I really envy you. My cousin bought you ten super luxury cars to drive." Bai Jing softly raised her eyebrows, a touch of loss flashed in her eyes, "It looks like me, the Bai family only bought me one for more than one million Mercedes."

"It's Bai Qinghao who is too expensive." Fang Xinxin said calmly, "I hope he saves a little money."

Really, Bai Qinghao has paid too much for her in money.

Bai Jingrou was showing off as the other party, and her eyes flashed with anger.

Bai Chenxi also walked over at this time, seeing Fang Xinxin who was wearing casual clothes but couldn't stop the dazzling eyes, his eyes were still amazing.

This woman, every time I see it, she feels extraordinary beauty!

And, I really didn't expect that she turned out to be the internationally renowned designer Alice! Knowing the news, he almost dropped his jaw.

Bai Chenxi showed Fang Xinxin a smile that he thought was handsome and handsome, "I wonder if I should call you Alice or Xinxin?"

"Please call Mrs. Bai Shao." Fang Xinxin corrected.

"Xinxin, we grew up together since we were young, so we don't have to worry about a name." A glance at the Aston Martin luxury car next to him, "Where are you going, do you need me to see you?"

"I have a driver." Fang Xinxin ignored him, got into the back seat of the Aston Martin luxury car, and the driver Tong Yu drove out of the old house of the Bai family.

Bai Jingrou looked at the **** of the car going away and took a bit angrily, "I thought it would be great to be next to Bai Qinghao. Isn't it just selling a face."

Bai Chenxi looked at her sister with a distorted expression, "When she was ugly, Bai Qinghao still liked her. She is not a prostitute, but a prostitute. Of course, to be an internationally renowned designer, she has some skills."

Since Bai Qinghao has always treated her the same regardless of her beauty or ugliness, her utilization value is high.