Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 648

Chapter 648:

"What's the skill?" Bai Jingrou didn't admit it, "I can't tell you, the title of her internationally famous designer was secretly funded by Bai Qinghao to help her'buy'."

"Don't be sour. Fang Xinxin's design works are indeed of first-rate international standards. Facing the world, everyone's eyesight is sharp." Bai Chenxi glanced at his younger sister's face and figure, "I said younger sister, your work ability is not as good as Fang Xinxin, although you are also an out-and-out beauty, your looks and body are quite different from Fang Xinxin!"

"Did you talk like that?" Jing Rou was unhappy, "I am your sister!"

"It is because you are my sister that you can recognize the facts and work harder." It is not a simple matter to bring down Bai Qinghao.

"Come on, don't waste time, let's go." Bai Jingrou went out with him.

The two brothers and sisters did not expect to meet Fang Xinxin at Jieguan Real Estate Agency, one of the largest real estate agency companies in the Imperial Capital.

Intermediary employee Liu Ling is in the lobby to help Fang Xinxin introduce the house.

There are several exquisite coffee tables and chairs in the lounge area of the lobby, which are specially designed for customers to rest.

Bai Jingrou and Bai Chenxi entered the door of the intermediary company together.

The two handsome men and beautiful women, dressed in fashion brands, also attracted the attention of other customers.

Seeing this, a female employee of an intermediary company hurried forward, "Sir, miss, do you two want to buy a house? I can introduce it to you."

Bai Chenxi ignored her and walked over to the leisure area where Fang Xinxin was sitting. "Xinxin, it's such a coincidence that I didn't expect to meet you here. It's a fate."

Unexpectedly, it was Fang Xinxin who changed her way and tried to flatter herself and see herself.

Now it was him who posted on her cold ass.

Fang Xinxin didn't even give him a look, but focused on several sets of photos of the real estate for sale on Liu Ling's phone.

Bai Jingrou also followed, "Miss Fang San, what a coincidence. Are you planning to buy a house too?"

The agent Liu Ling who was introducing Fang Xinxin real estate heard this, stood up, smiled and said, "Are you two want to buy a house? I am the real estate agent Liu Ling, what can I do for you?"

"I'm going to buy a house, don't know if it is suitable?" Bai Jingrou wanted to invest in a real estate, so she brought her brother Chenxi over to see the house staff.

Based on the principle that the customer is God, Liu Ling said enthusiastically, "I have a lot of property owners hosting the houses for sale. I don't know which apartment type and budget you want?"

Bai Jingrou originally budgeted 5 million.

But seeing Fang Xinxin on the scene, thinking of Long Jingyuans 10 million yuan, he said, "Three bedrooms and two halls, a new house with a good environment, and a budget of 10 million yuan."

"Your budget is still relatively generous. I have a lot of this kind of housing." Liu Ling enthusiastically opened a book and introduced, "Songhua Beiyuan Community, a new house, finely decorated, the owner has only lived for a month. Three rooms and two halls, can be made into four rooms, 10.5 million..."

Bai Jingrou saw that there were two vacancies at the tea table, and took a seat next to the agent Liu Ling.

Bai Chenxi spontaneously sat in the empty seat beside Fang Xinxin.

The four-seater tea table is full.

Another staff member poured a cup of hot tea for each of them. While Liu Ling introduced the house to Bai Jingrou, Bai Chenxi leaned close to Fang Xinxin, "Xinxin, have you seen any house?"

Fang Xinxin ignored him.

I didn't want to sit at a table with these two siblings, but the agent Liu Ling still had some connections with her.