Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 649

Chapter 649:

Nearly two years ago, Fang Manxue found a minion, Weng Jingke, and wronged her to be adopted by a middle-aged man.

On the phone, Liu Ling helped her clarify the matter.

Of course, she had to confess the facts in advance.

This agent, Liu Ling, is okay, but she has just moved to this company and needs performance and does not want to save her face.

Fang Xinxin sat there without moving.

"Don't introduce this kind of house that people have lived in to me. I want the new hardcover house delivered by the developer. The rough house will be renovated in the future." Bai Jingrou's beautiful and elegant face flashed with disgust.

"Fine, I will introduce you to a few other sets..." Liu Ling started talking again after a minute or two.

Fang Xinxin got up, "I'll take a look at the 200-square-meter house in Jinlan North District."

"Okay, I'll take you there right away." Liu Ling stood up and said apologetically to Bai Jingrou, "Miss, I want to take the client to the house and find another staff member to introduce you to the house, okay?"

Bai Jingrou asked gently, "Am I not a client? Why can't you leave me to introduce the house and let other staff accompany her?"

"Also." Fang Xinxin said.

Liu Ling works as a real estate agency, and she knows her words and opinions very well and sees that the two are not in agreement.

However, Fang Xinxin is her major client, and the young lady in front of her is obviously very laborious to sell houses from her hands.

Therefore, Liu Ling didn't have to choose, and immediately said, "That won't work. Ms. Bai, the customer has the order of first-come-first-served, and it was Miss Fang who came to me first. So, I can only say sorry to you."

"You know me?" Bai Jingrou never introduced herself.

"I have seen the photos on the news. You are the granddaughter of the old elder Dong of the Long Group."

Bai Jingrou was depressed this time. Now that she knew her noble status, she still favored one another. No matter how great Fang Xinxin is, she is just a somewhat famous designer.

It suddenly became clear that since the other party recognized her identity, she must also know that Fang Xinxin was Bai Qinghao's fiancee.

The future Mrs. Bai Shao is more worthy of flattery in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is also human.

In other words, it was Bai's family who was in favor of the Bai family, and Fang Xinxin was not even a fart after leaving the Bai family.

Thinking about it this way, she felt better.

Bai Jingrou changed her face, "I am the adopted daughter of the Bai family, and Miss Fang San is the fiancee of my cousin Bai Qinghao. I was joking just now, I can't argue with her."

Is impossible.

"You take her to the house." When she finished speaking, Bai Chenxi added, "Lets go together too, maybe we will see the same house." The second thing about the house, its not him anyway. To buy. Taking the opportunity to get close to Fang Xinxin is the key.

Liu Ling was a little embarrassed, "In case you three really fell in love with the same house..."

"I can be courteous to Xinxin." Bai Chenxi grinned at Fang Xinxin's neat white teeth, his expressions full of flattery.

Fang Xinxin intends to let Liu Ling deal with more customers, "Let's go."

"Go in our company's car, please here." Liu Ling immediately made an enthusiastic gesture.

A car worth more than 100,000 yuan stopped in front of the intermediary company.

Bai Jingrou quickly opened the door of the passenger seat and sat in. She wants Bai Chenxi and Fang Xinxin to sit in the back seat together to create opportunities for her brother. It also reputedly said: "I'm sorry, I got motion sickness and I was sitting in front."