Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Fang Mu

Two seconds later, he stepped out of the door, followed by the sound of the door closing.

Fang Xinxin felt very strange. When Bai Qinghao kissed her just now, wasn't it okay?

From the moment he left the sudden cold air pressure in the front room, and then the door closed with anger, it was obvious that Bai Qinghao was angry.

Why is he angry? Isn't he full of kissing?

Alas, after a day of tiredness, the fat man gets sleepy easily. She still doesn't want so much, so she sleeps first.


On the first floor of the Fang Family Villa, Fang Manxue cried and threw herself into the arms of Fang Lilan, who was sitting on the sofa, "Mom, Mom, I'm so wronged!"

Fang Lilan, dressed as a lady, patted her daughter's back shoulder with distress, "My dear daughter, what have you been wronged for?"

"It's not Fang Xinxin. I thought she was going to pick up Bai Chenxi and leave the hospital. She put me in the hospital. In the Royal Court, she caused me to lose the qualification to enter and leave the Royal Court!" Fang Manxue took these two. After explaining the matter to her mother, she said with red eyes, "You don't know, the night Fang Xinxin eloped with Bai Chenxi, Fang Xinxin seduce Bai Qinghao in the ward, and also lost her body to Bai Qinghao! "

When Fang Lilan heard this, she slapped the armrest of the sofa with anger, "Fang Xinxin's **** is so cheap that it's just the opposite!"

Fang Manxue cried and burst into tears, "Mom, you must help me call the shots!"

"Don't worry, Mom will help you clean up Fang Xinxin's cheap hoof!" Fang Lilan's face was gloomy, "That **** is just taking advantage of Bai Qinghao's fiancee to remove this layer, she is not even a fart."

"But she is already Bai Qinghao's woman..." Fang Manxue felt angry at this thought. I really can't figure out how the commander can bite the ugly fat woman from Xinxin below.

In contrast, isn't her Fang Manxue beautiful to the sky!

"What does it matter?" Fang Lilan snorted coldly. "Although Bai Qinghao has never been close to female sex, with his position of power, let alone Fang Xinxin sleeping, even sleeping with a bunch of women is nothing. As long as Fang Xinxin is not pregnant, and she slept for nothing if she was asleep."

"What if Fang Xinxin is pregnant?" Fang Manxue missed a beat.

"If you are pregnant, it won't be easy?" Fang Lilan's face flashed viciously with the traces of the years, "Let her have an abortion. If she refuses, she will give her some medicine in the food."

"Yes." Fang Manxue laughed sarcastically, "That idiot has taken the fat-enhancing hormone medicine for several years, and the cosmetics are all I added to her. She is not stupid yet, she hasn't found it at all."

"Speaking of hormonal drugs that will increase fat." Fang Lilan was relieved, "You can rest assured that long-term use of the drug will not only cause obesity, but also cause infertility, Fang Xinxin can't get pregnant."

"Huh... yes yes." Fang Manxue suddenly, "I was so confused, I almost forgot about it."

"You, you." Fang Lilan's eyes were full of accusations, "I didn't teach you to act too hastily. Commander White is not an easy man to take. Now, all right, you actually suffered from Fang Xinxin's idiot. "

"I just listened to you, don't rush..." Fang Manxue bit her lip, "This time I didn't even have the qualifications to enter and leave the Imperial Court! I can't get in and out of the Imperial Court, so I don't have the opportunity to contact Bai Qinghao , How can I climb into his bed?"

"It's not impossible." Fang Lilan narrowed her piercing eyes slightly, "Take Fang Xinxin back and Bai Qinghao will naturally come to her. At Fang's house, are you afraid that you won't have a chance?"