Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 650

Chapter 650:

Fang Xinxin didn't know what her idea was.

Bai Chenxi thought, in the back seat of the car for a while, he and Xinxin sat together, and could pretend to be unsettled and hug her while the driver braked on the way.

Looking at her beautiful and stunning figure, I regretted not paying her the taste when there was a chance.

"Ladies...first! (Ladies first! Bai Chenxi opened the door of the back seat, and dashed in a fart.

When Liu Ling got in the back seat and Fang Xinxin sat in the middle, he could sit next to her.

Liu Ling was also very polite, "Miss Fang, please ask first."

Fang Xinxin got in the car first, followed by Liu Ling.

Bai Chenxi didn't want to sit next to Liu Ling, closed the car door, went around to the other side and got on the car, and sat beside Fang Xinxin.

Looking sideways at her stunning side face, that fair skin that is more tender than gel, the beautiful nose, and the natural, cherry-red scented lips...

No matter from which angle she is viewed, she is extremely perfect.

His heart thumped instantly.

Fang Xinxin had a secret crush on him, it must be because Bai Qinghao's wealth changed his mind. It is undeniable that even if she is a woman who is greedy for money, her face and body are absolutely attractive!

Chen Xi secretly vowed to get her!

Bai Jingrou in the front passenger seat held the phone in her hand, and the phone was adjusted to camera mode. She was secretly observing the back seat from the rearview mirror above the center console.

I plan to wait until my elder brother and Fang Xinxin get closer, and then take it. It's best to catch a shot of Fang Xinxin lying in Bai Chenxi's arms!

In this case, I wonder what Bai Qinghao's reaction was when he saw it?

Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou tacitly wanted to take such shots.

As long as there is a photo of Fang Xinxin in his arms, you don't need to send it to Bai Qinghao, then Fang Xinxin will be obedient!

Fang Xinxin didn't know that these two guys insisted on following her to see the house, it was nothing good.

So, since Bai Chenxi was shameless, he wanted to sit next to her.

She directly exchanged a position with Liu Ling. This time it became the back seat of three people, and Liu Ling was sandwiched between Bai Chenxi and her.

At this time the driver had already started the car, and Bai Chenxi was so upset that it was too late to change seats.

Bai Jingrou was also very depressed, and she couldn't implement her abacus.

It doesn't matter.

After a while, I arrived at the viewing location, preferably in the room, to capture the situation of Bai Chenxi and Fang Xinxin alone in the room.

It is not easy to run a real estate agency.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of a dilapidated residential building in the north district of Jinlan, the imperial capital.

The group got out of the car.

Bai Jingrou could hardly believe her eyes. The appearance of the building in front of her was very dilapidated, the exterior wall skin was peeled off, the residents' walkways and the exterior wall wires were messed up, and there was even garbage in the corridors that no one handled.

Bai Chenxi asked suspiciously, "Fang Xinxin, you don't like the suites in this building, do you?"


"Just this environment, this broken building, give it to me, I don't even bother to step in." Bai Chenxi looked disgusted.

"That's you." Fang Xinxin and her agent Liu Ling walked into the dim corridor.

The brothers and sisters Bai Chenxi glanced at each other before they said not to step on, and followed in.

When I walked to the elevator on the first floor, I found a sign erected at the elevator door:

[Elevator failure].

Liu Ling apologized, "The house is on the sixth floor, so I can only climb stairs."

"It's okay." Fang Xinxin is wearing sportswear and running shoes today. She has ran as far as she lost weight before, not to mention that she has always exercised and climbed the sixth floor.