Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 651

Chapter 651:

Glancing at the high heels on Bai Jingrou's feet, "You don't look good at this house anyway, or don't you go up?"

Bai Jingrou would not let go of the opportunity to take an ambiguous photo of her and Bai Chenxi, "It's okay, I can go up the stairs."

A group of people walked up the irregularly curved stairs. The railings of the stairs were made of iron and the paint was almost lost.

Moreover, in the six-story building, there was **** in the corners of the three corridors, emitting bursts of stench.

"What kind of environment is this!" Bai Jingrou complained.

When I got to the sixth floor, I found a thick layer of ash accumulated on the stairs, as if no one had cleaned it for a long time.

The agent Liu Ling opened the iron fence door, which was a wooden door with faded paint and mottled inside.

Squeak... a cry.

As the wooden door was pushed open, the door shook unsteadily, as if the door frame was about to fall off.

The house was backlit, and the light inside was all blocked by the tall building in front. In broad daylight, the house was darkened.

The agent Liu Ling looked for the light switch at the entrance and pressed it several times, and found that the old electric light bulb flickered a few times and then went out. She sneered, "It looks like the light is broken. The wires here are really old. Up."

Perhaps because of the lack of light all year round, a group of people walked into the house and immediately felt gloomy and chilling.

No matter how dark the light is, everyone can still see the furnishings in the room clearly because the door is open.

All the furniture is covered with a layer of white cloth, covered with dust.

Bai Chenxi casually lifted the cover on the sofa in the living room, and a layer of dust was flying, causing a group of people to cough from the dust, "This house has been unoccupied for at least five or six years!"

"It's not five or six years, it's ten years that no one has been occupied." The agent Liu Ling suddenly turned on the flashlight. Several figures appeared on the wall in the dim room, and the flashlight still reflected light.

"Ah, there is a ghost!" Bai Jingrou was so scared that she hugged Bai Chenxi quickly.

"Sister, are you so courageous?" Bai Chenxi's eyes looked at Fang Xinxin, if only she came and hugged herself.

But Fang Xinxin's expression was calm, with a calm look.

By default, the brothers and sisters came together. In fact, she wanted to pay attention to see if there was any improper relationship between the two.

After all, they are foster siblings, right?

But all the way to pay attention, even if Bai Jingrou is leaning against Bai Chenxi now, there is no such male and female atmosphere. It's like... these two are not raising siblings, but real siblings.

"I'm sorry, I suddenly turned on the flashlight to scare you." The agent Liu Ling said apologetically, "This house has been unoccupied for ten years. I am afraid that there will be no electricity in the house, so I prepared a flashlight in advance."

"Look at the environment." Liu Ling was also shrinking inwardly, pushed open the doors of several rooms, with a professional smile on her face, and introduced her in a standard voice, "This house has five bedrooms and two halls. It's huge, with 200 square meters. It is enough for a family of four generations, and there is an extra nanny room. The key is that the price is affordable, 200 square meters is only 4 million, which is one-third of the current market price."

"This house in Jinlan North District, even if the building is dilapidated, it is better in the location, it shouldn't be so cheap." Bai Jingrou doubted, "Is there any problem with this house?"

Walking to the master bedroom, "Look at this master bedroom, it's quite big, with a large balcony." I glanced at the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, "The bathroom area is also larger than the average house, it looks so gloomy."

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