Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 652

Chapter 652:

"That's it..." Liu Ling did not hide it. "Thirty years ago in this house, the wife of the first homeowner committed suicide by hanging a rope from the water pipe in the toilet in the master bedroom because of a serious illness."

Bai Jingrou, who was about to go in and wanted to go to the toilet, was so frightened that she quickly backed out.

"After the second homeowner bought this house, he went crazy for no reason, killed his wife and children, and broke the body." Liu Ling took out a few newspaper clips from her pocket. "This is what happened back then. The hanging case and the corpse case. The house became a murderous house, and the price dropped all the way. The worst was the third homeowner who bought the house at half price. The female homeowner was vendetta by her lover, and her lover frozen the body in the refrigerator and lived with them After half a month. When her husband came back, even her husband was killed. In the end, the lover killed himself in this house with fear of sin."

Liu Ling also became more and more frightened, "This house has five lives. After changing three landlords, this murderous house cannot be sold even if the price is reduced."

Since Fang Xinxin was the future wife of Young Master Bai, she didn't dare to deceive and told the truth directly.

Bai Jingrou was panicked when she heard it, perhaps because of a psychological effect, she always felt that there were a lot of dark eyes staring in the house.

She wanted to take Bai Chenxi and leave quickly, but when she thought of it, if Fang Xinxin and Bai Chenxi had an affair in this murder house, it would be hard to deny evidence for fear of being caught and run into the murder house!

At that time, let alone the wedding, Fang Xinxin will not be swept out by the Bai family.

Thinking of this, she boldly gave Bai Chenxi a hint in her eyes.

Bai Chenxi only wanted to get some evidence to control Fang Xinxin, but also endured fear. He planned to wait to enter the room and kiss Xinxin forcibly.

The premise is to disengage the intermediary Liu Ling.

I just wanted to use what trick to dismiss Liu Ling. Liu Ling's cell phone rang and hurriedly walked to the balcony, "Excuse me, I'll answer the phone."

Only Fang Xinxin and the Bai family were left in the living room.

Bai Chenxi pretended to be thrown under her feet and threw her arms at Fang Xinxin.

Fang Xinxin seemed to have eyes behind her, stepping away from her side.

Bai Jingrou took a photo with her mobile phone, only her brother fell to the ground alone.

A faint male voice suddenly sounded, "What are you doing..."

"Ghost!" Bai Jingrou was so scared that she fell to the ground with a clap on her mobile phone.

Even Bai Chenxi turned pale with fright by the strange male voice.

Fang Xinxin turned and glanced at the driver Tong Yu who was standing at the door, nodded slightly and said hello.

Tong Yu walked two steps behind her and stood still.

"It turned out to be you." Tong Yu used to be the person next to Bai Qinghao, and Bai Jingrou knew him. "Why are you here? You suddenly made a sound!"

"Miss Fang San asked me to come." Tong Yu said expressionlessly, "Originally, I went downstairs with you, but Miss Fang Sans Aston Martin is too luxurious to park on the side of the road. Its not safe. The parking lot was full, and I parked a bit farther before I came late."

Bai Chenxi complained, "Xinxin, just look at the house, so why take a driver?"

Fang Xinxin said, "You don't want your brothers and sisters to be unruly."

"How could it be..." Bai Chenxi snorted coldly.

"If it's impossible, what did you just rush over to do?" Fang Xinxin sneered, "and Bai Jingrou, what were you shooting with your phone just now?"

Bai Jingrou looked embarrassed and picked up the phone on the ground, "I accidentally pressed the shooting page."