Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 656

Chapter 656:

Bai Jingrou also wanted to act like a baby to Bai Chongshan. I don't know why, but she lived with her mother and eldest brother in Bai's house for two years.

This dead old man just doesn't kiss his family.

Is it because it is not the blood of the Bai family?

After the meal, Bai Jingrou dismantled Fang Xinxin's desk, "Grandpa, do you know? Miss Fang San bought a murder house in Jinlan North District for four million today. Several people died in that house..."

He repeated the history of the haunted house, and said, "Unexpectedly, Miss Fang San would buy the haunted house with the red envelope of the elders."

Hearing this, Bai Chongshan raised his eyebrows and looked at Fang Xinxin, "Girl, did you really buy a murder house?"

Fang Xinxin was still very moved for Grandpa Bai calling you a girl, "Yeah."

Bai Chongshan was noncommittal, but Bai Jingrou didn't give up on seeing him, so she didn't give up and said, "The red envelope and the **** murder house are also red. The big red is in conflict. I don't know if it will be a charge? Or is Fang Xinxin trying to deliberately attack the Bai family's fortune?"

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Bai Chongshan's stern voice screamed, "Xin Xin is not such a person."

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows, "Bai Jingrou, you can't beat me, can't join the Shengshi Group, do you get sick with anger? You dare to talk nonsense about anything. I am Mrs. Bai Young, and only the Bai family is more prosperous. Come to me. Its good to say it. How could I want to hit the fortune of the Bai family?"

"Madam Bai, are you? Put gold on your face before you pass the door..." Bai Jingrou wanted to say something.

Bai Chongshan interrupted her, "Apologize to your cousin! Otherwise, get out of Bai's house."

"But..." Bai Jingrou flushed her eyes with an aggrieved expression, "If it wasn't for the benefit of the Bai family, I wouldn't have said what was in my heart. You..."

"Apologize!" The old lady Bai Chongshan wrinkled his old face.

"Miss Fang San, I'm sorry..." Bai Jingrou looked unwilling.

Originally, the old lady of the Bai family believed in Feng Shui. Knowing that Bai Qinghao would certainly help Fang Xinxin unselfishly, he deliberately said these words while he was away, thinking that the old man Bai would have a gap in his heart.

Unexpectedly, he lost his face.

Fang Xinxin bought ten sets of low-priced housing in the Jinlan North area today. After a day of running, I was tired, too lazy to respond to Bai Jingrou, and went to the room to rest.

Mrs. Bai also went to the study.

Bai Jingrou's family usually only eats in the main building of the Bai familys old house. They live in one of the annex buildings behind the main building called "Jingxinju".

The three returned to Jingxinju.

As soon as Bai Jingrou entered the hall, she whispered, "The old things in the Bai family are eccentric ghosts, and they don't even mind rushing to the Bai family!"

"I don't think the old lady doesn't mind. It's just that nothing happened to the Bai family for the time being, so don't think of it as Feng Shui." The corner of Bai Chenxi's lips evokes an evil smile, "You said, if the Bai family has something What is it, will Fang Xinxin be unlucky?"

"Brother, you went with me." A wicked smile appeared on Bai Jingrou's face.

Bai Chenxi walked to the sofa and sat down, rubbing his chin, "I said, why my sister, who has always been calm, will deliberately engage in this today. It turned out to be prepared. Don't kill Fang Xinxin. That's it. As long as a few old things in the Bai family are separated from her. Isn't she in my pocket?"

"If you had your sister so good." Huang Zhishu poured herself a cup of tea and criticized, "Fang Xinxin liked you so much before, she would have been yours for a long time."