Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 660

Chapter 660:

The expression in the eyes couldn't be more obvious.

Bai Jingrous demure expression filled with grievances, "Miss Fang San, dont you suspect me if you look at me like this?" The mist in his eyes almost squeezed out, "I dont know how to offend you. You always have trouble with me..."

Except for what he said, he didn't mean to swear at all.

"Okay!" Bai Chongshan yelled displeasedly, "I'm already annoying enough. I'm getting old and old, and there are so many things that make me uneasy. Want to **** me off, right?"

"Grandpa, I didn't mean that." Bai Jingrou hurriedly said something against her will, "I wish you a long life."

Look at Bai Jingrou's disagreement, which has become commonplace.

Fang Xinxin narrowed her eyes slightly and made a fuss. It seemed that she and Bai Qinghao had already registered for the marriage certificate.


In the office of the president of Shengshi Group, Bai Qinghao sat behind a huge desk, swiftly reviewing documents with a pen in his hand.

The bodyguard Liu Li knocked on the door and walked in, "BOSS, something went wrong over the old house."

Bai Qinghao raised his head from the table, his eyes were slightly drenched, and he motioned for him to say the following.

"The fish in the lake in the old house died overnight. The old man Bai has ordered the housekeeper Deshu to investigate the water quality of the lake."

"Fang Xinxin is not blamed for this, right?"

"Not currently." Liu Li shook his head.

Bai Qinghao said coldly, "This little matter, the old lady will take care of it." After waving his hand, Liu Li stepped back knowingly.

Qinghao had to work all night over the past two days in order to review all the pending documents of the Shengshi Group. After the wedding was held a few days later, he would save time to accompany Xinxin on her honeymoon.

In the next two days, the two watchdogs in the old house of the Bai family barked non-stop in the middle of the night, disturbing people's lack of sleep.

In the middle of the night, the old lady Bai was so quarrelsome that he couldn't sleep, put on a dress and walked to the kennel.

Fang Xinxin was standing outside the kennel, and the two dogs in the cage kept barking at her.

"Xinxin, why are you here?" Bai Chongshan was obviously surprised when he saw her.

"Oh, dogs always bark." She frowned and said, "I'll come over and see what's going on."

Bai Jingrou also walked over at this time and exclaimed in surprise, "Miss Fang San, why are both dogs barking at you?"

"You can eat rice indiscriminately. If you choke to death, no one cares about you. You can't talk indiscriminately." Fang Xinxin hooked her finger towards Bai Jingrou, "Come here!"

She didn't know why, so she went over.

Fang Xinxin moved ten steps away, only to see the two dogs barking at Bai Jingrou, "Now can I say that these two dogs barked at you?"

"..." Bai Jingrou was speechless.

It doesn't matter, Fang Xinxin don't think that a little cleverness can hide it.

Behind, there are good fruits waiting for her to eat!

Bai Chongshan frowned and recruited, "This dog is always barking for no reason. It's not a solution. Ask the vet to come over and give them two sedatives."

"Yes." The servant took the order.

The dog in the kennel was quiet.

Everyone went back to the house to sleep.

The next day, Bai Chongshan, the old lady of the Bai family, set up a rectangular table in the yard to write calligraphy as usual.

Fang Xinxin was accompanied by Bai Jingrou and Huang Zhishu.

The old housekeeper Bai Mingde stood by and reported, "Old lady, his subordinates have ordered people to take the water from the artificial lake for testing, and the results show that the water quality is no problem."

"Confirm that there is no problem?" Bai Chongshan put down the writing brush in his hand and frowned.