Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 661

Chapter 661:

"Re-inspected once and there is no problem."

"That's weird." A ray of doubt flashed in Bai Chongshan's old eyes.

Suddenly, a male servant went crazy and stabbed at the old man Bai Chongshan with a dagger, and he was about to stab Bai Chongshan.

Standing a few steps away, Bai Jingrou and Huang Zhishu were so frightened that Huarong was pale, and they screamed in unison "Ah!"

The driver Tong Yu emerged from nowhere, and kicked the male servant who was punishing the murderer with a knife into the air.

The old man, who was about to be stabbed, was in shock, and his wrinkled old face was also pale.

Fang Xinxin hurried over to support the old lady, caring and authentic, "Grandpa, are you okay?"

Bai Jingrou and Huang Zhishu also hurried over and said in unison, "Grandpa Dad, do you want it?"

The old lady Bai stared angrily at the male servant with a knife, who was controlled by the driver Tong Yu, and looked intently. It turned out to be Hao Changsheng, who has been working in the Bai family for a long time. "I have no grudges against you, you take me The Bai family's salary is still trying to kill the Lord!"

"Hahaha! Hahaha!" The servant Hao Changsheng laughed madly and pointed at Fang Xinxin, "The devil, she is the devil!"

Fang Xinxin's face changed slightly, "What nonsense are you talking about!"

"She is not a person, not a person!" Hao Changsheng's face was full of distorted expressions, "With Fang Xinxin here, the Bai family will be restless, and the fortune will fall a thousand times!"

Bai Chongshan was very angry when he heard this, "Nonsense! Who sent you to assassinate me?"

The servant Hao Changsheng didn't seem to have heard it, his whole person was so frantic that he fell into a crazy expression, and even his eyes were filled with scary red blood.

"Take it down, torture and interrogate, and be sure to bring out the mastermind behind the scenes!" Bai Chongshan waved his hand.

As soon as the driver Tong Yu was about to take his command, Hao Changsheng leaped forward and fell to the ground.

The housekeeper Bai Mingde, who was standing by the side, stepped forward, probed his nose with two fingers, and said with a deep voice, "Old lady, he is already out of breath."

"Can you tell the cause of death?" Bai Chongshan frowned slightly with gray eyebrows.

Bai Mingde inspected the body again, "The whole body seems to be intact, and the cause of death cannot be visually detected."

Huang Zhishu shivered with fright, and tremblingly said to Bai Chongshan, "Dad, this male servant Hao Changsheng suddenly went crazy and died unclearly. Isn't there really something dirty in this house?"

"Grandpa, you must check this out." Bai Jingrou also looked frightened.

Bai Chongshan glanced at the two with yellow but sharp old eyes, "What do you want to say?"

Huang Zhishu said with an expression of relief, "Dad, you see, a lot of strange things have happened in our family recently. First, the fish in the lake all died for no reason, and then the dog barked for no reason. Even the servants who have worked at home for many years are Suddenly went crazy. Could the Bai family's fortune really go wrong?"

Bai Chongshan shouted, "The Bai family is in full swing, how could something go wrong!"

"Some things, I would rather believe that they exist than that they are not." Huang Zhishu said cautiously, "Dad, I heard that Miss Fang San used the 90 million you, brother and sister-in-law to buy ten sets of murderous houses before. The house. Will it be at odds with the prosperity of our Bai family?"

"No." Bai Jingrou also answered softly, "In case our Bai family's good luck is swept away by the future cousin, can she afford this responsibility?"

Bai Chongshan looked at the old butler Bai Mingde, "What do you think of this matter?"