Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 663

Chapter 663:

It was Huang Zhishu's mother and daughter who was expressly ironic, and the two of them looked particularly embarrassed.

"Qinghao, the eldest mother is not feeling well, so go to rest first." Huang Zhishu said awkwardly, and then turned away after bowing.

"Cousin, whether you believe it or not," Bai Jingrou said firmly to him, "My mother and I are absolutely loyal to you and to Bai's family. I hope you don't get us wrong."

With red eyes, it seemed that he had been wronged a thousand times, and he also kept up with his mother.

"Don't pay attention to them." The old lady Bai Chongshan said, turning his eyes to look at Fang Xinxin, "Girl Xinxin, you just saved me, what reward do you want."

"Although it was my order, it was Tong Yu who saved you. Give him the reward." Fang Xinxin was very generous.

Tong Yu is the driver and bodyguard sent to her by Bai Qinghao, and has followed her for a year or two.

Diligent and loyal. Give the reward as it should.

"No," Tong Yu said quickly, "I am acting on orders, and I dare not rob Miss Fang San's merits."

"Since Xinxin has spoken." Bai Chongshan instructed, "Steward, go to the tent and get a bounty for Tong Yu." As for Fang Xinxin, her granddaughter-in-law, gratitude cannot be expressed in the heart.

"Yes." Butler Bai Mingde replied respectfully.

Tong Yu had to say gratefully, "Thank you, old lady, and Miss Fang San." Follow the housekeeper to receive the reward.

Bai Chongshan saw Fang Xinxin leaning docilely in Bai Qinghao's arms and carefully observed her expression, and found that her eyes were full of love when looking at Qinghao.

Caressed the goat's beard with satisfaction, and left quietly, giving them a private space.


The auxiliary building behind the main building of the Bai family's old house-Jingxinju, Bai Jingrou sat on the sofa and poured a sip of tea with anger, "Mom, what is the charm of Fang Xinxin's fox? Bai Qinghao is so towards her!"

"Look at her looks and figure, you have said that she is a vixen who is alive and well. Which man can not be fascinated?" Huang Zhishu looked angrily, "She just mentioned my name directly and said my last name. Bai family also Don't stop, I am her elder!"

"You are really useless, you don't want to say it directly." Bai Jingrou sighed, "With her now favored position in Bai's house, even if you say, no one will be the master of you and force her to call you auntie. Besides, she hasn't passed the door yet, so she is not qualified to call you that."

"It's the Bai family who is blind." Huang Zhishu sat next to her daughter and looked at her beautiful and peaceful face, "My daughter is such an excellent girl. She graduated from a famous university, knows well and can also hypnotize. I dont like you..."

"Mom!" Bai Jingrou hurriedly covered her mouth, looked around, and found that there was no one else before letting go, "I can hypnotize this matter, you can't tell anyone." .

"Don't worry, besides me and your brother, there is also yourself." Huang Zhishu said confidently, "No one will know."

"My brother...reliable?" Bai Jingrou was a little worried.

"You can rest assured about this." Huang Zhishu said, "We are your dearest relatives, and you can be the only heir of the Long Group today. We are indispensable. We will never harm you."

"Yes." Bai Jingrou said firmly, "My mother is so beautiful and noble. From now on, when I become Mrs. Bai Young, you won't have to be angry with anyone!"