Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 665

Chapter 665:

"In Bai's house, no one can force you!" Bai Qinghao arrogantly snatched her from another chair, took her into his arms, and let her sit on his lap.

Fang Xinxin waved to Tong Yu, and the other side retreated knowingly, "Those who haven't reached the goal will definitely make another move. It's better, we'll take care of it."

Bai Chongshan raised his eyebrows, "You mean, let the other party really think that I believe that your purchase of a haunted house impacted Bai's fortune?"

"Yes." She nodded.

Bai Qinghao frowned, "No. In this case, grandpa will inevitably say something to you. My woman, don't allow anyone to be fierce, nor can the old man!"

"Smelly boy!" Bai Chongshan was a little dissatisfied, "You said you, so protect Xinxin..."

Bai Qinghao didn't want to hear bad words, "Grandpa, I have to remind you. Fang Xinxin is the only person who can inherit incense for the Bai family."

"I'm getting old, don't understand what you mean?" Bai Chongshan wondered, "There are not many women in the world. I haven't seen death."

Fang Xinxin didn't quite understand either.

Bai Qinghao caressed the face of Xinxin Fang, "She is my only love. I will not touch any woman in the world except her."

"Okay." The old lady is not a carefree person, "You are in love. It seems that in order for me to have great-grandchildren in the future, I have to treat Xinxin better."

"It's good if you understand." Bai Qinghao nodded with satisfaction.

The old housekeeper Bai Mingde brought a man in his thirties with him.

When the man saw Bai Qinghao and others, he bowed and introduced himself, "President Bai, I am Yuan Qi, the person in charge of Yong Da Wedding Company. The wedding site layout plan that you gave to our company last time , And the content of the program hosted by the emcees meeting, our company has already made a mock map of the scene, you see if you are satisfied.

After speaking, he presented a colorful photo album printed out of drawings.

Bai Qinghao took the photo album and looked through it. Picture one shows the pink roses on the whole wall in a beautiful manor, picture two shows the cobblestone path and the flower path between the pink roses.

Picture 3 is a romantic wedding stage set up on the outdoor grass. Exquisite tables and chairs are neatly arranged in front of the stage, surrounded by roses and flowers...

Fang Xinxin sat in his arms and looked at the carefully designed scenes on the pictures, "Wow! At this wedding scene, just looking at simulated photos is so romantic!"

"You like it." Bai Qinghao's cold voice snapped into her ear, "I designed it myself."

"Husband, you are so kind!" Fang Xinxin took a sip on his resolute face regardless of the presence of outsiders.

Bai Chongshan stood up and said, "You young people will worry about the wedding. I am old and my energy is not as good as before, so I just need to be there to attend. If there is anything I need to cooperate, just say."

"Grandpa, go and rest soon." Fang Xinxin smiled. At this point, Grandpa always took a nap.

"Good." After Bai Chongshan walked far away.

Yuan Qi said, "Mr. Bai, I found several manor houses where the wedding was held. I took a video. Do you think the environment is satisfactory?"

Passed the phone over and played several scenes of the manor environment.

Bai Qinghao only glanced at it, then his face fell, "No way in such a bad environment!"

Yuan Qi broke out in a cold sweat, "President Bai, these manors are the best I can find."

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