Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 667

Chapter 667:

He walked over according to his words, Fang Xinxin followed, and helped him pour a cup of tea.

"Don't dare." Sitting on the sofa in the reception room, Li Shaohong stood up and was flattered when he saw the tea sent by Fang Xinxin. The future Mrs. Bai Shao poured tea and couldn't bear it.

"Xinxin, I am President Fang's secretary," Sun Jiamu also said quickly, "It is my duty to serve President Fang's guests."

Fang Xinxin smiled, "Fang Shaohua is my elder brother, and you are my friend. It's okay for me to pour a cup of tea for you."

Sun Jiamu was very moved.

"Lawyer Li, wait a while, and call you over after my elder brother comes. I have something to talk to Jia Mu." Fang Xinxin confessed to Li Shaohong, and the other party nodded quickly.

She and Jia Mu came to the assistant's office.

Fang Xinxin looked at the office environment, the windows were bright and clean, the folders in the lattice wall cabinets were neatly arranged, there was a pot of daffodils on the desk, and she sighed and said, "Jia Mu, with your ability, you are the daughter of Sun's enterprise. Miss, being an assistant to the president, I have wronged you."

"Don't be wronged, by following your brother, you can learn a lot." She said, "It's just a bit of experience, even if I go back to work in Sun's enterprise in the future, it will be fine.

"Yeah." Xinxin nodded slightly and asked aloud, "How has the relationship between you and my brother developed?"

Sun Jiamu sighed, "In the past or two years, I went to Fang Shaohua's house every other time, and sometimes stayed there for a few days." She frowned upon mentioning this, "However, no matter how I seduce Fang Shaohua, he is indifferent."

He slumped his shoulders, "I wonder if I'm not attractive?"

Fang Xinxin looked at her face carefully, with beautiful features, fair skin and beautiful eyebrows, a safe and secure beauty, but she wore a pair of heavy glasses and dressed in old fashioned clothes, which concealed her beauty. Jia Mu, I think your dress should be changed a bit. Go find a better stylist, and let someone help you match your clothes. You have a good body, and changing your dress will definitely be awesome."

"Really?" Sun Jiamu was suspicious.

"It's more real than gold." Fang Xinxin rubbed her chin lightly. "The next day is worse than hitting the sun. Bai Qinghao always buys me clothes, famous jewelry, and cosmetics. I think I still have a little research on dressing. . Why dont I help you advise? Go in a while."

"Good!" Sun Jiamu agreed. Suddenly he asked tentatively, "Xinxin, your brother told me that he already has a sweetheart, do you know who his sweetheart is?"

Fang Xinxin's heart sank for a moment, and she chose to shake her head. Because she was afraid that the truth would lose her friend Jiamu.

"Oh." Sun Jiamu said, "Fang Shaohua's so-called sweetheart, I have pestered him for the past two years, and I have never seen him at all. When I ask him a lot, he never mentions it. I feel that he is lying to me. I have my heart to let me retreat."

She looked at like a fighter with super combat effectiveness, "Huh, I won't give up if I can't catch Fang Shaohua!"

"Is my brother's attitude towards you still bad?" Fang Xinxin had a very headache. Also secretly glad that she didn't ask her eldest brother's love.

"I can only say that it is a little better than when I first met him." Sun Jiamu felt a sense of powerlessness in her heart. "But he said, I can only be ordinary friends with him at most. Others, let me not think about it. Up."