Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 668

Chapter 668:

Quietly leaned close to Fang Xinxin's ear, "I told you, I took off and waited for him on the bed, but he turned black and scolded me shamelessly, and then left angrily. So far, nothing happened between me and him. That kind of relationship."

Fang Xinxin was also weak in hearing, "My dear, I really want to send you and my elder brother Shaohua together."

"I think too." Jia Mu's expression was bitter, "but I don't seem to be attracted to him at all. He usually stays away from women. I doubt if he is a G.A.Y?"

"Don't worry about this, it's definitely not." Fang Xinxin packed the votes, "I promise my eldest brother's **** and orientation are normal."

"Oh." Sun Jiamu walked to the desk and sat down with his chin in his hands. "Sometimes, I envy your brothers and sisters, and the feelings are so good."

"Since I was little, my brother has loved me very much."

"Xinxin, your brother really trusts you." Sun Jiamu analyzed, "Economically, his Huafeng Financial Securities Co., Ltd. is on the right track and its business has grown, but the company's legal person bears your name. Also, recently, He bought the seven, eight, nine, ten, and four-story commercial office buildings of Huanya Building at a cost, and he also used your name. If you want to replace it with me, I have a brother and sister who dare not put his name on everything. After all, in this way, legally, neither the company nor the office building owns it."

Fang Xinxin patted her on the shoulder, "I will not disappoint my elder brother's trust in me."

Sun Jiamu looked at her apologetically, "Xinxin, I'm sorry, I thought about persuading your brother to transfer the company and the office building back to his name. But I was afraid that he would be unhappy, so I didn't dare to mention this. After all, you are the future. Madam Shao, if you are married to Bai Qinghao, you are a family with Bai Qinghao. Although the Bai family cant take a fancy to this property, after all, they want to be good for Shaohua..."

"If you can tell me this idea, it shows that we can dig our hearts out." Fang Xinxin persuaded, "My brother put my name on his company and commercial office, please don't take it to heart. There are some things, my brother. Maybe I didnt tell you. At the beginning, my brother opened the company during the period when he was on parole for medical treatment. Because he was a criminal when he opened the company, he was a criminal in the eyes of outsiders. It is inconvenient to open a company with his ID card to act as a person. I borrowed me. I gave my brother 60 million as the start-up capital to start the company. I said it was a gift, but my brother didnt say it borrowed it. After his company became profitable, he first gave me 60 million in interest. , Even the principal has been paid. Now his company has grown, but he is a very kind person, and I am his only relative in this world, in order to thank me, he bought a four-story commercial office building, temporarily hanging My name is probably to let me know. He values my sister very much."

"So that's the case." Sun Jiamu suddenly realized, "I'll just say, how did he have so much money to start a company. However, I also guessed that you were helping."

"He is my only brother. If I don't help him, who will help him." Fang Xinxin's tone was heavy, "Jia Mu, although my father is a vegetable. But in this world, I still have a real blood relative. There is a sustenance in the soul."

The conversation turned around, "But my brother is different, he is really an orphan."

"Do you know his life experience?" Sun Jiamu Mingqi's eyes flashed with surprise.