Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 669

Chapter 669:

"My dad told me before. My dad had a good friend named Ji Shengmin back then. Ji Shengmin and his wife ran a hotel, and they used to take care of my father a lot. But unexpected events happened. Ji Shengmin and his wife were killed in a car accident, leaving Ji Shaohua behind. An orphan under one year old.

The relatives of Ji's family have swallowed up the inheritance of Ji Shengmin's husband and wife, and they are still unwilling to support Shaohua. When my father visited Shaohua at Jis house for the first time, he was so hungry that he was yellow and thin, and he was obviously malnourished. My father took care of him for a day or two. He also left some money for the Ji family and asked them to take good care of him. Taking care of Shaohua, the other party fully agreed.

But only one day later, my father was worried, and when he went to see Shaohua again, he was no longer visible. My father asked more and said that he wanted to punish them for the crime of abducting and selling young children. The Ji family's relatives said that they had sent Shaohua to the orphanage, and my dad immediately chased him to the orphanage.

At that time, a couple was ready to adopt Shaohua. My dad made a secret investigation and discovered that the male owner of the family who wanted to adopt Shaohua was violent. Although he had a house, he owed a lot of debts. Even their biological children died of inadequate care. , The hostess is also prone to depression. If Shaohua were adopted by such a family, his life would be over. "

Fang Xinxin paused before saying, "Back then, my parents just got married. It was impossible for a newly married couple to adopt a child. My dad was really worried, so he mentioned to my mom that he wanted to adopt Shaohua. I didnt expect my mother to be kind and compassionate to Shaohua, so she agreed. Because my dad obtained evidence that he and Shaohuas biological father were close friends, and adopted the friends orphan, plus the proof that he would adopt Shaohua. Family is not suitable for adopting children. My parents successfully adopted Shaohua."

"My dad said that he wanted Shaohua to keep his surname Ji, but at first, he didn't want to tell Shaohua that he was an adopted son, so that he didn't think badly. So when he went to the hukou, he asked Shaohua to change his surname. My mother also said that Shaohua is very easy to take care of, and he is very obedient, so she didn't worry about it at all. When Shaohua was five or six years old, there were children in his teens who were so sensible, and she really liked it very much. ."

Fang Xinxin walked to the window and looked at the traffic on the ground from the open window, "It was also when Shaohua was five or six years old, he accidentally saw the adoption certificate at home. At that time, Shaohua already knew the characters. , And go online. He actually found out what adoption means. Crying and asked my parents, is he really the child of my parents?"

Sighed, "My parents really didn't want to deceive him, so they told him the truth. Since then, my brother has become more sensible and mature earlier."

I really hope my eldest brother doesn't know that he was adopted by the Fang family. Maybe so, the eldest brother thinks she is a real sister, and will not fall in love with her.

Now, the true intention of the eldest brother, she dare not pierce in front of Jia Mu anyway.

"It turns out that Fang Shaohua's life experience is so miserable." Sun Jiamu heard, crying into tears, "Uuuuu...I will take good care of him in the future."

Fang Xinxin drew two tissues from the paper box on the desk to wipe her tears, "Although I am unfortunate, my brother seems to be even more pitiful. Originally, if his biological parents were alive, he would be a rich family with no worries. "