Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 67

Chapter 67:

"Nima..." Fang Xin appreciatively rolled his eyes, "I remember you said that you didn't buy my lottery ticket even if you had two dollars, and that my lottery ticket was poisonous..."

"It's because I have eyes but no beads, but dogs look down on people. I didn't expect you to be super lucky!" Liu Li folded his hands together, "I said that your lottery ticket is not only non-toxic, but also comes with a perfume smell. "

"Okay." Fang Xinxin patted him on the shoulder, saying with earnest heart, "Little Liu. The time is over, then there will be no more. When there is no draw, I will sell it to you for two yuan, you don't want it. You said you wanted How great is it? Now that the lottery is drawn, two yuan has become five million. If it were you, would you sell it for two yuan?"

"Not for sale." He immediately shook his head.

"Then it's over." Fang Xinxin said, "Originally, I wanted to make you rich, but unfortunately, you don't have the life to be rich. Just continue to be poor."

"I follow the commander, not poor..."

She looked at him up and down, "Looking at how regretful you look, I'm so happy!"

"I missed five million, I regret it!" He looked like a concubine.

"Hahaha!" She laughed exaggeratedly, "I like to see you regret it to death! Who makes you call me Fangfei? Let's do it now, I'm really fat! I'm fat, I promise you good words!"

"Huh." Liu Li envied him, "Don't be proud. You will become rich in an instant. If you are proud, you will be disappointed. If you are proud of your wealth, you will be disappointed. You will definitely get fatter and ugly!"

"Little Liu, your mouth is hurt too." She sighed, "I will let you down. You think I will become ugly, I will only become beautiful, you think I am getting fatter, I am sure It can be seen thinner by the naked eye."

She turned and walked to the wall of the master bedroom's connecting hall. There was a body scale for the maid to put on it. She stepped on it and said happily, "Have you seen the numbers? Eighty-nine-nine-five kilograms."

"There is still a face to say, ah, you." Liu Li was very disgusted, "I have never seen you so fat. If you change it to a catty, you are one hundred and seventy-nine catties! Fat will not kill you."

"I lost my weight from 187 kilograms. I have lost eight kilograms in the past few days, okay!" Fang Xinxin said happily, "I have taken the first big step in weight loss."

"No matter how much you reduce it, it is impossible to become a slender lady." Liu Li's heart was bleeding, his five million ah...

"I have lost eight pounds without exercising these days. If I move, wouldn't I lose weight faster?" She happily walked downstairs, "I will run for two hours now, and then... wait for the lottery center When I go to work, my palace will go to receive the 85 million prize. Of course, I have to be fully armed, wear a Batman suit, and show only a pair of eyes to avoid being robbed. Hahaha..."

Liu Li stared at her back, **** envy.

He is an old stockholder who has bought lottery tickets for ten years. Why is she so lucky?

Fang Xinxin would not tell him that she had lived again in her previous life, and she happened to know the grand prize number of this issue.

It's a pity that this is the only chance to win a lottery. She hasn't noticed what numbers are drawn in other periods.

Wearing a casual outfit, Fang Xinxin ran in a circle in the Royal Court.

Regalia occupies an area of several miles, which is extremely vast, not as simple as an ordinary villa with a courtyard.

Swimming pools, green spaces, golf courses, separate fitness rooms, guards, servants' respective residential areas... everything.