Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 674

Chapter 674:

"Bai Qinghao, I tell you, I won't give up Xinxin, no!" Fang Shaohua's voice suddenly became hysterical.

"Do you want to go back to prison again?" Sen Han's words were full of threats.

"Today I am no longer the Fang Shaohua I used to be, and it is not easy to want to yin me." Fang Shaohua's voice sounded no ups and downs, without a trace of fear, "Of course, if I go in, unless you kill me . Otherwise, I must tell Xinxin, it is your masterpiece."

"Ha ha ha..." Bai Qinghao smiled, "Do you think I will give you the opportunity to speak? I will result you before you speak."

"It's best." Fang Shaohua followed with a low smile, full of expectation, "In this way, Xinxin will miss me and miss me forever."

"You really want to be beautiful. Should I fulfill you?" Bai Qinghao narrowed Bingsen's eyes, and his slender **** lightly tapped the wide office desk, as if he was thinking.

"Let's wait and see." Fang Shaohua dropped four words, took off the wiretap under the table, and put it in the trash can.


After Fang Xinxin came out of Shaohua's office, passing by the assistant's office, she heard the sound of documents falling from the desk.

She suppressed the heavy expression on her face, walked into the assistant's office, and saw Sun Jiamu squatting down, picking up documents in a panic with her head down.

She hurriedly stepped forward to help pick it up, "Jia Mu, you will be off work in a while, I will help you to change your look."

In fact, when Sun Jiamu left the president's office just now, he kept an eye on the door, and stood outside the door and overheard the conversation inside.

Not deliberately eavesdropping, in fact, she wanted to determine whether her intuition and doubts were correct in the past two years...

It turns out that the woman Fang Shaohua loves is really his sister Fang Xinxin!

Before Fang Xinxin came out, she quickly returned to her assistant's office.

Sun Jiamu's whole heart was overheard as shocked as a stormy sea.

Heartache, pain, and disbelief!

But then I thought, Xinxin is extremely excellent, and she, who is also a woman, will inevitably not fall for it, let alone Fang Shaohua, who grew up with her since childhood.

Hearing what Xin Xin meant just now, I knew Fang Shaohua's intentions a long time ago.

However, I asked her if she knew who Shaohua's sweetheart was? She said that she didn't know.

Jiamu knows that Xinxin is afraid of destroying the friendship with herself.

"No need to wait for get off work, let's go now." Sun Jiamu pretended to pick up the papers to adjust his emotions, and when he raised his head again, there was already a brilliant smile on his face, as if he didn't know anything.

"Okay." Fang Xinxin didn't expect Jia Mu had overheard the conversation just now, turned and walked out.

Sun Jiamu followed her behind, staring at her back silently and muttering in his heart:

I don't want to lose this friendship, I can only pretend to be ignorant.

Besides, Xinxin only has Bai Qinghao in her heart, she has never done anything to miss.

The two got off the elevator together and went to the nearby shopping mall. Fang Xinxin helped Sun Jiamu buy some new clothes and a set of cosmetics.

When she saw Jia Mu try on a set of fashionable clothes, Fang Xinxin was surprised at how good her figure was.

"After trying so many clothes, which one looks good?" Jia Mu asked her.

"Everything looks good, I bought them all." Fang Xinxin handed the card to the salesperson, "Check out."