Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 675

Chapter 675:

"How can I let you pay?" Sun Jiamu wanted to rush to check out, Xinxin stopped her, "My dear, your sisters, I made a lot of money, what happened to some clothes for you? Keep it. I'm angry if I don't accept it!"

"Okay." Jia Mu has known that Xinxin is now at the top of her career, and that the subsidiaries of the Sunshine Consortium under her are thriving.

What my friend wants is to be able to compete with Bai Qinghao in the future.

And she doesn't have such big ideals, she just wants to be with Fang Shaohua, and she will take over the father's Sun enterprise in the future and live some peaceful days.

After buying clothes, I went to the nearest barber shop.

Fang Xinxin read the latest popular broken hair and diagonal bangs style from the Internet, and said to the hair stylist, "According to this hairstyle, help my good friend cut hair."

"No problem." The stylist quickly trimmed Sun Jiamu's hair and blew it out.

The makeup artist in the store put a light makeup on her.

When Sun Jiamu got dressed and stood up, Fang Xinxin took off her heavy glasses. She was wearing a lavender knee-length dress. The delicate embroidered lace of the skirt lined her white and slender legs, and her purple waist was of the same color. The belt outlines the waist very thinly, and the overall body is sleek and elegant.

Her oblique bangs, her shawl and hair fall naturally, a delicate face with watery eyes, a small nose and cherry-colored lips, she looks very beautiful.

"Wow, it's so beautiful!" Fang Xinxin couldn't help but exclaimed, "I really didn't expect my Jiamu to dress up so beautifully!"

"Is it so pretty?" Jia Mu was suspicious.

Fang Xinxin pointed to the eyes of the customers in the store, "Look at the other customers in the store. You look stunned."

He pointed to the mirror behind her again, "Take the picture yourself."

Sun Jiamu turned around and saw the woman in the purple fashion dress in the mirror with snow-skinned flowers. It was really hard to believe that after dressing up, she had such a beautiful appearance!

Fang Xinxin threw away the heavy black-rimmed glasses, "In the future, don't wear glasses. It's too cover up your beauty. Anyway, you only have myopia by 100%, and it won't be affected if you don't wear glasses."

"Yeah." She nodded softly.

After the two left the barber shop, they walked to the gate of Huanya Building and Fang Xinxin said, "Jia Mu, you are so beautiful, and it is better to date my brother alone. I won't disturb your two-person world."

Jia Mu knew that she didn't want to see Shaohua now, "Well, don't worry, your brother will be with me."

Fang Xinxin heard the words, looked at the sincere tone of his friend, and suddenly understood that maybe his friend knew something.

However, the other party also chooses not to click, so that's good.

"I hope you will be my sister-in-law." Xinxin urged.

"Good." Jia Mu nodded.

The driver Tong Yu drove the car over, Fang Xinxin took the back seat and left.

Carrying a few shopping bags, Sun Jiamu quickly walked into the Huanya Building, came to the door of the President's Office on the 10th floor, and knocked on the door.

No one answered.

She is Fang Shaohua's secretary and naturally has the key to the president's office.

Open the office door and see that there is no one inside.

I took out my cell phone and called Fang Shaohua, only to find... it was turned off.

She immediately went back to Hongsheng Community to find him.

After one or two years, she always went to a 20-floor suite in Hongsheng Community to live with Fang Shaohua Chun. Over time, she also had a separate room in this suite.