Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 676

Chapter 676: Stormy Night

Anyway, this suite has three bedrooms and two halls. Fang Shaohua lived in the master bedroom. She forcibly occupied the second bedroom. He also had a study room.

Of course, she had no relationship with him.

Therefore, she has the key.

Put the clothes in the shopping bag into the closet in your own room.

She drove out from the community to find Fang Shaohua in a hurry.

Recalling the cafes and leisure places he would often go to.

She has searched every possible place. Did not see him.

The sky went from dark to slightly above the moon.

There was a light rain in the sky, and Sun Jiamu parked the car on the side of the road and whispered worriedly, "Fang Shaohua, where are you now?"

I dont go home, and there are no places I often go to...

Home... By the way, Fang Shaohua doesn't have any friends to make friends, it is very likely that he will go home!

For the past two years, Fang Shaohua has lived in Hongsheng Community, and she has forgotten his home... Fang's villa!

Fang's villa was sealed after the body of Fang Lilan's mother, Fang Lilan, was dug up, but it was released as soon as the case was over.

Although Shaohua and Xinxin did not live there, the Fang's villa was cleaned and managed by hourly workers.

There is also a security guard with the surname Liu.

She drove quickly to Fang's villa, stopped outside the iron gate at the entrance of the courtyard, rolled down the window, and sounded the horn.

The security guard in the communication room knew her and opened the courtyard door.

"Master Liu, may I ask, is Fang Shaohua back?" Sun Jiamu sat in the cab and called to the security room.

The other nodded.

Sun Jiamu kicked the accelerator and drove the car to the Fang family villa building. Sure enough, he saw Fang Shaohua's car parked here.

After the car stopped, she ran into the Fang's villa in a light rain, and it took a few seconds, but fortunately, she didn't get wet.

The door of the villa was concealed, and the inside was darkened, and you could not see your fingers.

Sun Jiamu thought that Fang Lilan's body had been dug up under a utility room on the first floor of the villa...

The body had been buried underground for seven or eight years before being dug up.

Suddenly, my heart was shocked.

There is a fear of not entering the door.

Especially when it rains tonight, it's still cold wind, thunder and lightning...

She just stood at the door, feeling the wind blowing.

But when I thought of Fang Shaohua in the villa...

She boldly pushed the door and stepped into the villa hall.


The cold wind kept coming in from outside the door, causing her to get goose bumps.

Light...Where is the light? She had been here before, but did not pay attention to the position of the light switch.

By the door?

She reached out and touched the wall next to the gate, but didn't find it.

Ring Ring Ring... Ring Ring Ring!

Suddenly the cell phone rang, and in the stormy night, the darkened villa was especially infiltrated.

Sun Jiamu was taken aback. He looked down and saw that he was an unknown call from his mobile phone. He took out his mobile phone to answer the call, "Hey...who is it?"

There was no sound on the other end of the phone, only the sound of human breathing.

Her scalp was numb, she hung up the phone and turned on the flashlight.

Although a beam of light partially illuminates the huge villa lobby, it makes the corners that cannot be illuminated even more gloomy.

She hurriedly folded her hands together, "Aunt Fang, there is nothing weird. I am Fang Xinxin's good friend, Fang Shaohua's future wife, and is your daughter-in-law, you must bless me."

When she finished speaking, she found that the lights in the villa hall suddenly turned on.

"Ah!" Sun Jiamu screamed in fear of ghosts.