Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 677

Chapter 677:

"Miss Sun, are you okay?" Security Master Liu appeared behind her, he turned on the lights in the villa lobby, "I called you just now, and the phone just fell on the floor. When I picked it up and talked to you, you hung up Up."

"Why do you have my phone?" Sun Jiamu wondered.

"Ms. Fang San left. She said that sometimes the young master would come back and stay for a few days, and you might follow. Miss Fang San was afraid that you were afraid in the villa, so I asked me to take care of it."

"Xinxin is interested." Sun Jiamu was very moved. "Thank you, Master Liu, I'm fine."

"Master is upstairs, do you want me to accompany you upstairs?"

"Forget it, go ahead."

"That's fine." Master Liu turned and walked into the yard holding an umbrella.

Bright electric lights illuminate the entire villa lobby, reflecting the high-end household facilities inside. She knew that all the furnishings in this house had been renewed.

Bright, Sun Jiamu is not afraid this time, after going up to the second floor.

With a cough, the sound control gallery lights in the corridor turned on.

"Fang Shaohua!" Looking at the rows of rooms on the second floor, Sun Jiamu suddenly thought that although Fang Manxue and his biological father Yang Xueyao were in jail, their mother Fang Liyin had been shot.

Fang Liyin also lived here pretending to be the hostess for seven or eight years. Will it become a ghost and return to the villa?

Alas, no wonder. In the eyes of outsiders, the Fang family villa has become a murderous residence.

Don't know which room Fang Liyin lived in during her lifetime? Anyway, she didn't dare to look for them one by one.

But think about it again. Even if Fang Liyin became an evil spirit, her Sun Jiamu was not afraid.

Such a **** is cheaper when it is dead!

I remembered that Xinxin said that Fang Shaohua's room was now the most convenient one on the third floor of Fang's villa.

Sun Jiamu immediately stepped on high heels to the third floor. There are carpets in the corridors of the front villa. The owner couldn't help but the carpet was removed.

In the middle of the night, her high-heeled shoes stepped on the tiles, making a bang bang bang.

It's a horror at midnight.

For the beloved man, she was afraid of ghosts too.

When I came to the innermost room on the third floor, I found that the door was also open, with no lights on inside, and it was very dark.

As soon as she pushed the door, a strong drunken breath came.

The light was by the door, so she quickly turned on the light.

Finding several wine bottles lying on the ground, Fang Shaohua was lying on his side.

She quickly walked over and helped him, "How can I sleep on the floor? It's a bit cold tonight, I'll catch a cold!"

Putting his bracelet over his shoulders and propping up his body, only then discovered that he is so heavy!

Laying him on his back on the bed, she carefully helped him take off his shoes, and just leaned down to cover him with a quilt.

Fang Shaohua suddenly opened his bewildered drunk eyes, Fang Xinxin's beautiful face appeared in front of him, with surprise in his eyes, "You are here!"

"Yeah." She nodded, "I don't worry about you. I searched a lot of places before I found you."

"I've been waiting for you." Fang Shaohua suddenly pulled her down, pressed her down, and muttered in a muted voice, "Don't leave me for the rest of your life, okay?"

"Good." She nodded solemnly.

As long as he needs her, she is willing to stay with him all his life.

There was thunder and lightning outside the window, heavy rain poured down, and the tree was shaken by the wind and rain.