Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Recognize Jiamu As Xinxin

Early the next morning, Fang Shaohua woke up from a hangover and stared at the snow-white ceiling. For a while, his mind seemed to be in the paste, but he didn't react.

His arm was a little numb, and when he looked down, Sun Jiamu fell asleep in his arms!

He suddenly sat up in fright, and with his movements, the woman in his arms woke up.

"I'm tired... I'll sleep a little longer." Sun Jiamu rubbed his eyes, and yawned sleepily as he pulled over the quilt.

Fang Shaohua almost lost his voice in fright with the lingering impression of last night, "Why are you here!"

Why is it Jiamu? It was Xinxin last night!

Obviously, he was drunk, hallucinations appeared in his eyes in a trance, and he recognized the wrong person.

"I'm here to find you." Sun Jiamu murmured, "Then, you pulled me onto your bed..."

"I... I'm sorry!" Fang Shaohua was speechless, got out of bed quickly, picked up the clothes on the floor to wear, and hurriedly left the room.

After he went out, the drowsiness in Sun Jiamu's eyes disappeared suddenly, and she sat up, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She was actually awake before he woke up. I didn't know how to face him, so I continued to pretend to sleep.

He became his person last night, at that moment, he called "Xinxin..."

Her tears and pain will not hurt him.

Unexpectedly, this morning he just made an apology and didn't even mean to be responsible, so he left.


It doesn't mean that it is not responsible.

Her heart has been broken.

After chasing him for a year or two, he couldn't warm his heart.

Maybe its also good.

Sun Jiamu picked up the purple dress on the ground and put it on her numbly, thinking that he would be able to praise his beauty.

How can one have such extravagant hopes for a man who doesn't have him in his eyes?

Stepping on high heels, she walked out of the room unsteadily...

Fang Shaohua was upset, bought two breakfasts at a nearby snack bar, and returned to Fang's villa.

I saw that Jiamu's car, which had been parked in the yard, disappeared.

When she went up to the innermost room on the third floor, she had already left.

The breakfast fell on the ground, and he didn't have the appetite to eat, so he turned and walked into the yard without picking it up. Don't know why, he was a little worried about Jiamu.

Even if he does not love her, she has been with him for the past two years.

He ran away just now, she must be very sad, right?

Take out the phone, press her phone code, several times, when the last key is pressed, it is deleted.

After this repeated, half an hour later, he finally dialed all her numbers, but the other end came, "The phone you dialed is turned off!"

It's work time, maybe, she went to work?

Fang Shaohua drove to the company immediately. In the past, when he passed the assistant's office, he never stopped.

Now, he took the initiative to knock on the door of the assistant's office.

"Ms. Fang, Miss Sun has not come to work yet." A cleaning aunt reminded him.

Fang Shaohua entered the president's office and waited. After waiting all morning, I didn't see Sun Jiamu.

When I returned to Hongsheng Community, I thought she would wait for him at home.


Unconsciously, she has always lived here for the past two years, and he even regarded this as Jia Mu's home.