Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 679

Chapter 679:

There is no one at home, and there is no figure of Sun Jiamu.

He couldn't help but walk into her room to look, when he saw a few shopping bags in the open cabinet door.

Did she come back?

Seeing the invoice in the shopping bag, the checkout time above was five o'clock yesterday afternoon, and the signature on the receipt was Fang Xinxin.

Calculated by time, Xinxin gave Jiamu clothes yesterday afternoon.

Jia Mu returned here first last night before going to the Fang's villa to find him.

Fang Shaohua felt an urge to go to Sun Jiamu's villa to find Sun Jiamu.

But, go to her, except I'm sorry.

What can you say? Fang Shaohua's heart is very disturbed. He loved Xinxin deeply, but he did not expect to have a relationship with Sun Jiamu.

He really has a very headache. Reason tells him that as a man, he must be responsible for taking a girl's innocence.

But he also needs to be responsible to Xinxin!

Although Xinxin doesn't need him anymore. He still couldn't let go.

Fang Shaohua felt unusually painful, flustered, and at a loss.

Regarding what happened with Jiamu last night, the only emotion he didn't have was regret.

He does not regret it.

From another perspective, after attending Xinxin's wedding, it was confirmed that Xinxin never needed him again.

Perhaps, he can take the responsibility of a man to Jia Mu.

Turning on the TV, the news is full of news about Bai Qinghao's upcoming wedding with Fang Xinxin in the Royal Court.

He closed his eyes painfully, his heart bleeds.

For the next three days, Fang Shaohua went to get off work as usual. Maybe because of worry about Sun Jiamu.

The shock and pain caused by Xinxin's upcoming wedding with Bai Qinghao were much lighter.

Fang Shaohua sat in the office, frowning, thinking that Jia Mu hadn't come to work for three days, and see how his boss would punish her!

But when I think of her miner, he caused it...

She must be very sad as a girl when this happened. He didn't punish her again.

Tan Siyu, the head of the personnel department, knocked on the door of the president's office and walked in, "Mr. Fang, Jiamu Sun..."

"She's here?" Fang Shaohua stood up after sitting on his desk excitedly.

"No." Tan Siyu handed a resignation letter to Fang Shaohua. "This is the resignation letter sent by Assistant Sun Jiamu to the Personnel Department. Please check it out."

Fang Shaohua opened it and saw that the white A4 rice paper was very formulaically written that he could not continue to work at Huafeng Company due to personal reasons, so he resigned. And signed Sun Jiamu's name.

He squeezed his fist, and a ray of shady bird flashed across Junya's face.

This dead woman, his account with her hasn't been settled yet, how could she run away!

Angrily dialed Jia Mu's number and found that it was still off.

Fang Shaohua drove angrily to Sun's villa in Qianshanwan.

When he got there, he thought about it, and he went to the supermarket to buy some gifts and carried them before rang the doorbell of the Sun's villa.

A maid opened the door, apparently knowing him, "Mr. Fang, it's you."

"Is Sun Jiamu here?"

"Miss is not at home, I don't know when to come back."

"Help me give this to her." Fang Shaohua left the gift and drove away again.

At least, she is safe.

Sun Jiamu stood in the room on the third floor of the villa and watched Fang Shaohua drive away from the window.

There was a bitter smile on the corner of her lips.

What can we do if we come to her?

Her WeChat and mobile phone did not block him. If he wants to, he can send her a message.

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