Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 680

Chapter 680: I Can Only Watch Xin And Hao Enai

Jia Mu took out his mobile phone, and in the past three days, none of his messages were received.

Fang Shaohua, I think you miss you... She habitually edits a long list of texts and wants to send him.

For a year or two, similar texts and messages. She didn't know how many messages had been sent to him.

Only this time, she deleted the message and did not send it out.

"Sun Jiamu, I don't love you, I already have a sweetheart. Don't you be so cheap?"

"Please don't pester me, I said, I will never like you!"

Fang Shaohua's fierce words and disgusting eyebrows are vivid.

Maybe, even the night three days ago, he mistakenly regarded her as Xinxin, he would feel disgusted, right?

Sun Jiamu sat on the chair with her legs curled up, and buried her head between her legs, tears streaming down her cheeks.


On WeChat, Fang Shaohua actually sent a message:


Jia Mu looked at these three words with suffering in her heart.

What she wants to hear is what he said: I love you.

Instead of these three words she didn't want to see at all.

After wiping away the tears on her face, she edited a text message:

[It's okay, just assume that nothing happened.

Fang Shaohua, who returned to the company, was surprised to see Jiamu's reply. When I saw the content, my face fell suddenly.

Who does she think of him? How can it be that nothing happened!

However, facing her open-minded words, he was speechless.

There was no contact for another three days.

After six days, Fang Shaohua habitually stared at the phone, not knowing what he was doing at first.

After going through countless times, Jia Mu once sent him the chat history.

He finally knew that he was waiting for her text messages and news.

[Fang Shaohua, I really like you very much. Seeing that I have been chasing you for so long, give me a chance?

[Handsome man, don't be so ruthless. Anyway, they are also top students in famous universities, so you can dazzle you with your face, you always want to give me some color?

[Fang Shaohua, I really like you, talk about it, what's wrong with me. I can change...]

[The surname is Fang, I dont care if you have a sweetheart, my old lady just likes you, you are mine!

For the past year or two, almost every day, she sent him messages.

In the past six days, she only posted the text that cleared his relationship with him, which made him unaccustomed, very unaccustomed!

Calling Sun Jiamu again, she found that she was still off.

Thinking that tomorrow is Xinxin's wedding.

Jiamu is Xinxin's good friend and will definitely go to the wedding. I will see her at the wedding...

Fang Shaohua settled down again.


At this time, the old house of the Bai family.

These days, Bai Jingrou watched Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao go in and out together, very affectionate.

Secretly, almost broke a silver tooth.

But on the surface, she can only maintain the politeness of Xinxin.

Bai Chenxi saw her sister standing alone in front of the flower garden, walked over, and said depressed, "Jingrou, are you able to stop the wedding? Tomorrow, Bai Qinghao will marry Fang Xinxin. You feel calm. ."

"Huh." Bai Jingrou sneered, "It's not that easy to hold a wedding smoothly!"

Maid Ji Qing walked past her with a tray on which was an empty bowl. When passing by, he respectfully saluted her, "Miss Bai."

"Yeah." Bai Jingrou nodded slightly.

Ji Qing just left after passing a salute.