Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 685

Chapter 685: The Third Young Master Of Long Family Has Gone To Be The Son In Law

Bai Qinghao nodded slightly and agreed. At the same time, I felt a bit worried. After all, the body of Fang Lilan's mother, Fang Lilan, had been buried in the Fang's villa for seven or eight years. Will Xinxin be scared when he returns?

However, she will be out of the cabinet tomorrow. Must be married from the Fang family to the Royal Court.

Long Jingyuan, who was sitting in the living room, heard a hint of surprise on his old face, "Xinxin, your father lives in the next ward?"

Bai Jingrou's heartbeat suddenly missed a beat when he heard this question.

"Yes, Grandpa Long." Fang Xinxin's face was very solemn, "My dad became a vegetative with a cerebral stem five years ago, so the chance of waking up is slim."

Long Jingyuan stood on crutches and stood up, "Go, that's right, I'll go see your father."

What are you afraid of? Bai Jingrou's heart was so scared that it jumped out of her heart, and she said unhappily, "Grandpa, in the middle of the night, you are also tired, go back and rest early."

"It's not too late to leave after seeing Father Fang."

"That's okay." Bai Jingrou originally wanted to try her best to stop her, but Bai Qinghao in the room was a human being. It wouldn't be good if she could tell him something.

However, you must never let Long Jingyuan see Long Yifan!

Fang Xinxin originally wanted to decline, but when she saw someones kindness, she said, "Well then. Grandpa Long, you come with me."

Bai Jingrou helped Long Jingyuan out of the ward, and Long Jingyuan asked Fang Xinxin, "What is your father's name?"

"My dad's name is Long Yifan." Fang Xinxin replied casually.

"Oh?" Long Jingyuan raised his gray eyebrows. "Your father's surname is Long too? He is the same clan as my Long family. Why not have the surname Fang?"

Fang Xinxin didn't feel embarrassed either, "Um...my dad came to Fang's house, so my son-in-law, I naturally follow my mother's last name."

Long Jingyuan was very angry when he heard the words "Zuo", and the sudden increase in anger made his old body tremble.

Speaking of it now, it is already twenty-six or seventeen years ago. His third son Long Xuan turned his face with the Long family and eloped with that woman because of a woman!

He also said that all children born in the future must bear the woman's last name.

I'm really mad at him! Losing the face of the eighteenth generation of the Long Family's ancestors, he said at the time that he would not return to the Long Family without him as a son like Long Xuan, just as the Long Family had never given birth to him.

The rebellious son hadn't been seen in 27 years. When Jing Rou came to admit his relatives, she also said that he had died of illness and his ashes were buried in a cemetery outside. Even the hair used for the paternity test was pulled from his head before he died of illness.

He went to a suburban cemetery to see the unfilial son who didn't even want his family for the sake of a woman, and kept yelling at him for a good death, and letting him send his old bones to the black-haired man!

Back then, he was also tough, not worse than Long Xuan's stubborn head.

Unexpectedly, the descendants of the Long Family are now withered and can only be passed on quietly and tenderly by the trace of blood left by Long Xuan during his lifetime.

"What's wrong, Grandpa Long?" Fang Xinxin also saw that he was in a bad mood.

Long Jingyuan retracted his thoughts and sighed, "Nothing, just remembering some sad past events."

"It's the past, look a little away, don't be sad." Fang Xinxin exhorted.

"Yes. I saw it." In fact, Long Jingyuan had already regretted it.

If time comes again, even if he gets angry, he will not drive his third son Long Xuan out of the house.

The cartilaginous head is cartilage head, no matter how soft the bones are, isn't it his son?

He once published a newspaper and looked for Long Xuan, hoping that the other party would see it and return to Long's house.