Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Don't Let Old Man Long See Long Yifan

Unfortunately, they all sank.

Finally, it was Jing Rou who brought back news of Long Xuan's death, as well as the more than ten hairs he had before his death.

During the conversation, the three had arrived at the door of Long Yifan's ward.

Bai Jingrou has always planned things, and this time, she regretted that her intestines were blue.

Knowing that doing hands and feet made Bai Chongshan seriously ill, not only could not hinder Bai Qinghao's wedding, but would also lead Long Jingyuan to see Fang's father. She decided not to take this big risk!

But these few people are better than the others.

According to Long Jingyuan's character, the more he is not allowed to look at Long Yifan, the more he will definitely want to look.

Therefore, Bai Jingrou didn't even dare to say a few more words to tell him not to visit Fang's father.

Now, what can prevent the two from meeting?

Bai Jingrou suddenly clutched her belly, her face pale, and she moaned and groaned, "Ouch..."

Long Jingyuan looked at her suspiciously, "What's the matter, Jing Rou?"

"Grandpa, my stomach hurts..." Her expression looked very painful, not pretentious.

Regarding the only granddaughter, Long Jingyuan no longer likes it, and is worried, "Grandpa will take you to the doctor immediately..."

What Bai Jingrou wanted was to spread him apart, but she said something ironically, "But, you are going to see Fang Xinxin's father..."

"This is not in a hurry." Long Jingyuan shook his head, "Your body matters."

Bai Jingrou's slightly drooping eyes swept across a ray of insidious trickery. It was only a moment, with a helpless smile on her face, "My mother and my foster brother are not there, so I can only trouble grandpa."

Long Jingyuan could have heard it. Except for Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu, the rest of the Bai family didn't care about Jingrou's life or death, and was immediately angry, "It's okay Jingrou, you still have grandpa!"

"Grandpa..." Bai Jingrou leaned her head on Long Jingyuan's shoulder, and walked towards the doctor's office with his support.

Long Jingyuan took a few steps and looked back at the other Xinxin and said, "Girl, Xinxin, I'm so sorry, I will see your father another day."

"It's okay." Fang Xinxin shook her head.

Seeing Bai Jingrou's staggering back, she had an intuition that Bai Jingrou didn't want Long Jingyuan to see her father.

Fang Xinxin inadvertently raised a trace of doubt.

After a while, she received a text message from Bai Jingrou on her mobile phone:

[Dont think you can kiss my grandpa by calling me grandpa Long. Fang Xinxin, let me tell you, if you try to flatter my grandfather, don't try to get any benefits from the Long Group!

After reading the information, if ordinary people, to avoid suspicion, they would not get close to Long Jingyuan.

Fang Xinxin had suffered too many inexplicable dark losses in her previous life, and the people who pitted her could not be found behind the scenes, but only vaguely guessed that it was Bai Jingrou.

Therefore, she likes to work against Bai Jingrou. The less you don't want her to get close to Long Jingyuan, the more you come back!

After Fang Xinxin stayed in her father's ward for a while, she went to the doctor's office on the 38th floor to inquire about Bai Jingrou's physical condition.

I want to know if it just pretended to be sick.

The doctor said that Bai Jingrou had severe abdominal pain. He probably had eaten the wrong thing and prescribed some medicine, and he would be fine when he went back to recuperate.

It's really not pretending to be sick. Could it be that she was over-concerned with Bai Jingrou's motives?

After this incident, Long Jingyuan took Bai Jingrou to live in the Long Family Villa that night.

Jing Rou was lying on the luxurious bed in the master bedroom of the villa. Long Jingyuan stood by the bed, looking at her pale granddaughter, and said distressedly, "Jing Rou, you have to take good care of your body. Grandpa is the only one of your relatives. ."

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