Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 687

Chapter 687: Borrowing Xin's Hair To Become A Daughter Of The Dragon

"Grandpa, I will." Bai Jingrou burst into tears and burst into tears, "Grandpa, you care about me so much, I'm so happy!"

Long Jingyuan sat on the edge of the bed, hugging her, "Silly boy, what are you crying for."

"Grandpa, don't be too close to Fang Xinxin, okay?" Bai Jingrou said aggrievedly, "You don't know, at the Bai family, although I am an adopted daughter, they treat me as an outsider. I only have you, and I don't want to be alone. If you are left, Fang Xinxin will take away your care."

Like a jealous kid.

Long Jingyuan caressed her hair kindly, "Stupid boy, Fang Xinxin agrees with me. You are my grandfather's granddaughter. Of course, grandpa loves you the most, and he can handle it clearly."

However, you did not agree to alienate Fang Xinxin. Bai Jingrou added such a sentence in her heart, but she also understood the truth of accepting as soon as she saw it, "Well, that's fine."

"Our Long Family has a century-old foundation, and you are the sole heir of the dignified Long Family. You will not touch the light of the Bai Family." Long Jingyuan said, "In the future, the Long Family will be your real home. You should live in the Long Family more. ."

"Grandpa!" Bai Jingrou burst into tears, her face full of emotion on the surface. Inwardly, he hated the dead old man.

She has known the Longs relatives for so long, and the dead old man has never let her return to the Longs family, which makes her continue to live in the Bais family sometimes embarrassing. Fortunately, the old immortal finally let go.

Living in Bai's house can be as close to Bai Qinghao as possible, and she will not give up.

I will live on both sides in the future.

Looking at his only granddaughter, Long Jingyuan was crying with rain. In theory, he should feel sorry for it. For some reason, he felt that something was missing in his heart.

"Grandpa, don't you know?" Bai Jingrou said something that happened in the Bai family. "My dad said before his death that you like collecting antiques the most. Among them, the most favorite is an ancient sword from the Han Dynasty. He also said, You bought a jade ring finger, which was worn by Lafayette of the Qing Dynasty. You only wear that finger ring one day a month. You dont like to eat onions and fish..."

While sobbing, she cried and said, "My father remembers your preferences very clearly during his lifetime. However, he regrets that he failed to do his filial piety with you. In the future, his granddaughter will replace his father and be filial to you."

"Fine." When Long Jingyuan heard this, he cried when he thought of his third son, Long Xuan.

Let the granddaughter rest early, and his old figure walked out of the room.

As soon as he left, the tears on Bai Jingrou's face stopped immediately, and a vicious stream flashed in her eyes.

Temporarily stabilized the dead old man Long Jingyuan.

This dead old man will do what he says. Since he said he would go to see Fang Xinxin's father Long Yifan another day, he would definitely go.

This pair, but the biological father and son.

Yes, Long Yifan is Long Xuan, the third son of Long Jingyuan who was kicked out of the house.

Twenty years ago, with a huge family and a century-old foundation, the Long Group and the dignified third of the Long Family, Long Xuan, actually wanted to be the son-in-law of an ordinary woman who was silent.

At that time, Long Jingyuan was only in his forties, and he was a good one in Long's family, and he was very face-conscious.

It is conceivable that at that time Long Xuan was beaten up by the old man and left half his life, and he still didn't know to repent.

Long Xuan faced two choices back then. If he stayed at Long's house, he had to break up with his beloved woman. If you want to be with your beloved woman, get out of Long's house.

He chose the latter.

Then, Long Xuan changed his name to Long Yifan.