Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 688

Chapter 688: Xin Found The Blood On Shaohua's Bed Sheet

Bai Jingrou knew all this from her biological father.

His biological father was a servant of the Long family. My own biological father is actually a subordinate!

Bai Jingrou could not accept her poor birth. Fortunately, that servant's father still had a bit of conscience, and for so many years, not only did he not disturb her and Bai Chenxi's good life in the Bai family.

It also provides important clues that Long Yifan is the Third Young Master of the Long Family.

Seeing that Long Yifan had been a vegetative for several years, he had no chance to wake up.

She bought the nurse and pulled Long Yifan's hair, and bought the Fang's servants, picked up Fang Xinxin's hair that fell when she combed her hair, and pretended to be her own.

The two used Long's family to do a paternity test with Long Jingyuan's hair.

As a result of the appraisal, didn't he successfully become Long Jingyuan's granddaughter?

Right now, the top priority is to prevent Long Jingyuan from going to see Long Yifan.

If you can hold it, you can drag it. If the signs are wrong, you can only send the old man back to the west.


At the same time, the driver Tong Yu drove Fang Xinxin back to Fang's villa in an ultra-luxury Aston Martin luxury vehicle.

This villa is more than 20 years old. It was a gift from Fang's father Long Yifan when Xinxin was one year old.

Although the construction is not as trendy as the new houses in recent years, the quality of the house and the flowers and trees in the yard are still quite good.

Since there is no owner of the Fang family, there is usually only one security guard, Master Liu, to guard the door. The rest of the maintenance of the house hired part-time workers.

After turning on the lights in the lobby, Fang Xinxin looked at the high-end and well-equipped home.

My father became a vegetable, my mother died, and my brother did not live here.

Now, the Fang family is really gone.

She couldn't help but miss the days when she was a little girl and the family was happy.

Passing by the corridor of the living room, walked to a utility room inside, and opened the door.

I saw the utility room where I had lived for seven or eight years. The environment was very tidy, except that the windows were a little smaller, just like an ordinary room.

Look to the floor of the room.

The scene where the body of Fang Lilan's mother was dug up, although it was almost two years in the past. It still seems vivid.

However, she was not afraid at all.

Although she was born again, she had never seen a ghost after all, and felt that there was still no ghost in the world.

Even if there is, her mother loves her so much, the spirit of heaven will bless her.

As for the murderer Fang Liyin who was shot, even if he became a ghost, Fang Xinxin could tear her soul away!

"Mom, my daughter will get married tomorrow." She muttered to herself, "Unfortunately, neither you nor your father can send me out of the cabinet."

My heart is a bit sour.

Close the door of the utility room.

She turned on the third floor. She was rushed to the utility room by her aunt Fang Liyin before.

Later, Fang Liyin deliberately let her live in the guest room on the second floor in order to please Bai Qinghao.

In fact, initially, her room was in the penultimate room on the third floor.

The last one is the room of his brother Fang Shaohua.

Since Fang's villa took back her and brother's hands, the room was restored to its original state.

She and Shaohua occasionally come to live at home for a day or two, both of them live in the original third floor room.

Seeing that the door of Fang Shaohua's room was concealed and unlocked, she frowned and walked into the room. I saw the messy bed and the bedding was half opened.

Moreover, there are... depending on the situation, blood stains that have dried up for a few days.

The location of the blood stain should be...Luohong.

Someone patted her on the shoulder from behind. She was startled and turned around. It was actually Bai Qinghao, "Why are you here? Grandpa who guards?"