Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 691

Chapter 691:

Not only thank him for sending her out of the cabinet instead of her parents.

More importantly, I thank him for never revealing his love for her and never doing anything against her.

"Young master, young lady. The guests at the wedding at the Royal Court have already arrived. It's time to pass." The butler Zhao Cheng reminded him from the side.

Bai Qinghao nodded slightly, took Fang Xinxin's hand, and got into the leading wedding car.

A luxurious wedding caravan drove out of Fang's villa. The wedding car was long, with a huge lineup, which stretched for several kilometers, causing almost the whole city to watch.

As the convoy drove into the Royal Court, Bai Qinghao took Fang Xinxin's arm and just got out of the car and walked across the long red carpet. The countless reporters waiting on both sides immediately raised their cameras and kept shooting.

The white veil background, the flower arches, and the arrangement of the guides, form a huge heart-shaped hot air balloon floating in the blue sky. Pink ribbons are dotted with crystals. The sparkling crystals are in the sun. Under the shining brilliance, the main wedding venue below is surrounded by a sea of pink roses.

The entire wedding scene is simply beautiful and luxurious!

Those who can come to the wedding today are either rich or noble. Bai Qinghao's father Bai Hong is greeting the guests.

Elder Bai was still in a coma, but Ye Yunzhi was accompanied by Ye Yunzhi in the hospital.

Huang Zhishu dressed up very elegantly, shuttled between the guests with his son Bai Chenxi, spontaneously entertaining the guests like the host.

It's a pity that all the guests seem to know that the two have no place in the Bai family, and they are not lukewarm.

It was Bai Jingrou, who was specially dressed up today, wearing a light yellow tight-fitting off-shoulder long dress, with her hair crossed, and her delicate makeup. She looked very seductive.

Since she is the granddaughter of Long Lao Chairman of the Long Family Group, many men who want to confuse her are surrounded by her, which is considered to be a small area of stars.

Fang Shaohua also drove to the Royal Court, entered the venue, watching the luxurious wedding, the guests gathered, and the loss in her heart was beyond words.

Indeed, Bai Qinghao can give Xinxin happiness even more.

His eyes searched for Sun Jiamu among the guests, but he didn't see her...

The large wedding stage is half a meter high, covered with a red carpet, and there is a full screen of background flowers for decoration. The wedding host Yuan Qi took the stage to speak, "The guests here today are rich and distinguished, with extraordinary temperaments. I only represent the bride and groom. Welcome everyone to come..."

Let's go, let's talk about a series of scenes that either praise the guests or the host, and then he said, "Next, let's invite our bride and groom to come on stage to exchange rings!"

Bai Qinghao took the lead on the stage, standing next to the host, facing the audience.

The resolute and perfect handsome silhouette and the calm and noble attitude immediately aroused the admiration of the female guests on the guest table, "The groom is so handsome!"

In the sound of grand music, Fang Shaohua took Fang Xinxin across the long two-meter-wide stage road to the center of the large square stage.

"Wow, the bride is so beautiful!" There was another compliment.

Fang Shaohua took the role of his father, took the microphone from the host, and said to Bai Qinghao, "As Fang Xinxins brother, I will hand Xinxin to you personally today. I hope you will love her and take care of her throughout your life! Otherwise, I I won't let you go!"

God knows that the girl he loves from childhood to adulthood is handed over to another man, and it hurts more than his heart is gouged out.