Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 693

Chapter 693:

Fang Shaohua had already returned to the stage, looking at the happy bride and groom on the stage, his eyes could not hide his pain for a moment.

Seeing this, Bai Jingrou's eyes flashed with doubts.

His sister is only married, what's so sad? Thinking that he has no blood relationship with Fang Xinxin. Look at his expression again...

Jing Rou understood that Fang Shaohua had a crush on Fang Xinxin!

This is really big news.

Fang Shaohua's look of disbelief in Fang Shaohua's eyes was only a moment, and he quickly regained his indifference. He stood up, shuttled through the wedding banquet hall, looking for Sun Jiamu's figure.

Bai Jingrou gently shook the goblet in her hand, letting the red wine in the glass circle.

Her seemingly harmless eyes narrowed slightly, thinking. Since Fang Shaohua has a crush on Fang Xinxin, it is impossible for him to do nothing at all.

Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle.

Fang Shaohua, Fang Xinxin's foster brother, naturally sent someone to investigate.

Fang Shaohua's career is in full swing, and the Huafeng Financial Company he opened is an upstart in the financial world.

He lives in Hongsheng Community and has a girlfriend, Sun Jiamu. Although the two did not disclose the relationship between boy and girl friends, they often live together. It should be a boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess Sun Jiamu doesn't know that Fang Xinxin is her boyfriend's crush?

Jing Rou thought of a maid who worked part-time for Fang Shaohua's house for many years. She seemed to be called Gao Ru.

It's better to start with Gao Ru, maybe, what does that maid know?

Fang Shaohua searched the wedding venue a few times, but didn't see Sun Jiamu, so he approached the court housekeeper Zhao Cheng who was greeting the guests, and asked, "Is Miss Sun Jiamu here?"

"You mean Mrs. Young's friend?"


Zhao Cheng pointed to the main building of the villa, "I saw her there just now."

"Thank you." Fang Shaohua walked in the direction he pointed.

Sun Jiamu was standing behind a tree. Seeing Fang Shaohua walking here, she quickly followed his direction and moved around the tree, just trying to avoid him.

Although I miss him very much, I don't want to see him again!

Seeing Fang Shaohua passing by the tree but not stopping, she thought she had escaped and was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

After all, Fang Shaohua turned around and stood in front of her with three or two strides, "Jia Mu!"

Sun Jiamu was startled and looked embarrassed, "Mr Fang, is there anything?"

Fang Shaohua looked at her. Today, she is wearing a pink bridesmaid dress, a tailored dress that makes her figure extraordinarily exquisite, plus a pair of golden high-rooted fish-mouth sandals, high curled hair, and delicate face with melon seeds. People look both noble and exceptionally beautiful and charming!

A flash of surprise flashed on his face. He didn't expect that Jiamu, who was dressed in old fashioned clothes before, would be so beautiful.

Sun Jiamu didn't miss the surprise in his eyes. He didn't expect that he could take a look at himself. My heart suddenly became a little bit sad.

Fang Shaohua frowned when she heard her address to herself. Except when she was in the company, she would call him Fang Zong, the rest of the time, she would call him both first and last name, or Shaohua.

Glancing at a lot of guests not far away, he took her hand and said, "Go, I have something to tell you!"

"What do we have to say!" Sun Jiamu wanted to shake him off, but the force he pinched her hand was too tight and couldn't get rid of it.

"You want everyone to watch the excitement, even if they struggle." He looked indifferent.

Sun Jiamu saw a few guests looking over here, and in order not to affect Xinxin's wedding, she had to follow him obediently.

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