Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 694

Chapter 694:

Fang Shaohua took her to the back of the main building of the villa. There was no one here. He then let go of her wrist, "Jia Mu, I'm so sorry about what happened that night!"

Sun Jiamu's skin was very tender, and he immediately pinched a red mark. She didn't care, "It's past, forget it. Didn't I say it? Just as if nothing happened."

"But it's your first time..." He couldn't assume that nothing happened.

"So what?" She curled her lips slightly, "Don't tell me, I slept with you, you are going to marry me?"

Fang Shaohua looked at her beautiful little face, and suddenly his eyes were complicated, "It's not impossible."

This time, she was surprised, and her heartbeat almost missed a beat, "You..." Does he have his own in his heart?

In his next sentence, he poured out her hopeful heart with cold water, "As a man, you should be responsible."

Although he should also be responsible to Xinxin, but she is married.

Marrying Bai Qinghao is indeed happier than following him Fang Shaohua.

Moreover, Xinxin also said that she could not rest assured that he would not have a family as a brother.

Sun Jiamu is not full of taste.

Just being responsible, Fang Shaohua didn't have her in his heart.

This is not the marriage she wants. However, she found sadly that as long as he was willing to marry, she was willing to marry.

Because, she has always been looking forward to, Fang Shaohua will truly fall in love with her one day!

Sun Jiamu concealed his sorrow, with a bright smile on his face, "Are you serious?"

Her smile is so beautiful. Fang Shaohua's gaze was suddenly unable to look away from her face, "Man, promise to keep your promise."

"Then go." This time Sun Jiamu took the initiative to hold his hand.

Fang Shaohua followed her and asked, "Where to go?"

Being held by her soft, boneless hands, he felt a faint warmth rising in his heart.

"The Civil Affairs Bureau is getting a marriage certificate." Sun Jiamu said, "We don't need us anymore. We are bugging and no one will find out."

"But..." Fang Shaohua was still hesitating.

He is actually not ready to get married yet.

Sun Jiamu couldn't see his thoughts, so he wrote on his face, and made a pretty face, "I don't care. Give you two choices. If you are a man, go and get a marriage certificate from me immediately. Or, you evade and pay off. Responsibilities are also okay. We will never talk to each other forever."

When Fang Shaohua thought of these seven or eight days, Sun Jiamu seemed to have disappeared in his life. She absolutely did what she said.

If he doesn't interact with her all his life, he finds...somewhat unacceptable.

"Of course I am a man, and I was in Fang's villa that night... don't you know very well." He leaned close to her ear and whispered softly.

She blushed, and knew that he had chosen the former in disguise.

The two held hands, got into Fang Shaohua's car and left the Royal Court.

After Fang Xinxin stepped down from the wedding stage, she went to the dressing room to change into a red Chinese dress. The upper body was a tight top with a buckle, and the lower body was a long skirt with a pair of red shoes. The look looks very delicate.

Such a dress is convenient for toasting. Bai Qinghao stared at her dress, everything she really wore was stunningly beautiful.

During the dinner, Fang Xinxin always paid attention to Fang Shaohua's movement.

When she saw him and Sun Jiamu leaving hand in hand, she wiped a sincere smile on her lips.