Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 695

Chapter 695:

Bai Qinghao, who is in a straight suit, glanced at the corner of her lips with a smile, "What is so happy?"

"My eldest brother can be with Jia Mu, I am relieved." She laughed.

He held her slender waist domineeringly, "You are not allowed to worry about your big brother!"

"Knowing that there is only you in my heart, don't be jealous." She didn't want to cause other guests to look at her, and said softly, "A person, apart from love, must have some affection and friendship."

"No. You can only have me!" He was extremely domineering. She doesn't care about him. Anyway, she has a good relationship with her elder brother Shaohua and her siblings, and she has been a good friend with Jiamu for so long.

He didn't stop either.

It shows that he still agrees that she has family and friendship at the same time.

She glanced at him affectionately, "Only you, okay."

"So reluctant?" Bai Qinghao raised his black eyebrows, but the corners of his lips couldn't help but bend slightly.

Today, everyone in the world finally knows that he married Xinxin!

"President Bai, why didn't you see Old Madam Bai?" A guest came over and asked.

"He is unwell and is resting." Bai Qinghao's face was expressionless.

"Then, can I go see Grandpa Bai?" The guest was kind.

"No need, sit in with peace of mind."

"Good." The guest didn't dare to say anything, and returned to the exquisite dining room.

Many guests have asked why they didn't see Grandpa Bai, and the Bai family all shied away.

Several guests were playing on mobile phones, when someone saw a piece of news:

[Lady Bai is seriously ill, Fang Xinxin, regardless of the life and death of the elderly, insists on holding the wedding, lest he won't be able to enter the rich family!

And accompanied by a picture of the old lady Bai being carried into the gate of Jaya Hospital the night before.

Not many people started to see this news, and slowly, the guests in the side seat also saw it and searched it.

Coupled with the fact that several TV stations broadcast the Bai's wedding scene today, this piece of news was instantly searched.

[No, the elderly in the family are dying of illness, still in the mood for a wedding? It must be Fang Xinxin afraid of missing the chance to marry a rich family!

[The old lady Bai is not always very tough. It must be Fang Xinxin who bought ten murderous houses. After the luck of the Bai family, the old lady broke down.

[I see that Fang Xinxin is getting along with her mother's corpse, and there is a big problem in her heart. She is abnormal, so she will buy ten murderous houses!

The online reviews have gone up and down.

Soon, everyone was searching for the news about Fang Xinxin's earlier purchase of a haunted house and the fortune of the Bai family.

Although the news was withdrawn a long time ago, many people have reprinted it, and the popularity of the reprinted news suddenly increased.

For a while, the guests at the wedding scene looked at Fang Xinxin with weird eyes, and some even whispered underneath: "Old lady Bai will not be..."

Some people don't dare to listen, "Hush...Don't talk nonsense in the Bai family's territory."

Bai Jingrou sat in the guest table peacefully, watching everyone's reactions, a calculated light flashed in her slightly drooping eyelids.

On the day of the wedding, even if the wedding cannot be prevented, Fang Xinxin will never be better off!

Just when everyone was secretly guessing whether Grandpa Bai was dead.

A commercial vehicle drove over, and the old lady Bai Chongshan came over with Ye Yunzhi's support in a suit and leather shoes.

All of a sudden, the reporters present raised their cameras to take pictures, and the guests present were even more surprised.