Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 696

Chapter 696:

Even the melon-eaters who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet were shocked when they saw the appearance of Old Lady Bai.

For a moment, Fang Xinxin disregarded the life and death of Mrs. Bai, and the rumors of not having a wedding broke up.

Bai Hong greeted him quickly, "Dad, why are you here?"

"The only grandson and daughter-in-law get married, of course they will come." Bai Chongshan nodded and smiled at the guests present. "I also watched the news on the Internet just now. I didn't die of my old bones, but it made everyone worry about it. Hold on. It is my grandson Bai Qinghao who marries Fang Xinxin. It is also my great wish to attend this wedding."

"Then what is your biggest wish?" a reporter asked.

"Then you need to ask." Bai Chongshan stroked the goat's beard, "Of course it's a grandson."

His humor made a lot of guests laugh.

"Grand daughter-in-law, come here." Bai Chongshan waved to Fang Xinxin. She walked up to him in accordance with the words, and cunningly called out, "Grandpa." She was very happy that the old lady not only woke up, but also came to the wedding.

"Explain to everyone, why did you want to buy a murderous house in Jinlan North?" Bai Chongshan said with a face, "The current network naval forces are getting more and more unreasonable. Actually, my only granddaughter-in-law is going to attack the fortune of the Bai family. People with stupid brains will not do things like throwing stones to their feet. What's more, my grand-daughter-in-law is a top student of Beijing University and the world-famous designer Alice."

Fang Xinxin smiled and said, "Everyone, this is actually quite simple. Although I am a fashion design professional, my Alice studio not only undertakes fashion design business, but also undertakes various architectural designs. Some time ago, the imperial real estate giant One of the Gus Group found my studio to design the renovation of the old city in Jinlan North District and build a new house design commission. In other words, Jinlan North District is likely to be demolished. I took a gamble and invested Ten sets of low-cost houses. Ten sets are not all murder houses, four houses, six low-priced houses. If you encounter demolition, then it doesnt matter if you are not a murderous house. Anyway, you will demolish and build a new house. If the bet wins , Starting at a low price, I can make a fortune. It doesnt matter if you lose the bet, just drop it."

Some guests at the scene heard that they had already gone to the Gu Groups official website to watch the groups project developments. Some guests said, "Madam Bai, you won the bet. The Gu Group has issued an official announcement. Demolition. The ten murderous houses you bought at a low price some time ago will definitely lose the market price, but you have made a lot of money."

"So," Bai Chongshan said, "My grandson-in-law is just a discerning investment. The rumors that she wants to destroy the fortune of the Bai family, please stop."

"Madam Bai's vision is really good!" Some guests exclaimed.

"I don't know who made it like that. People invested money and they had to say it was destroying the fortune of the Bai family. I think the person who posted this manuscript wanted to destroy the fortune of the Bai family!" Many people agree.

The red wine glass in Bai Jingrou's hand was squeezed so tightly that she almost crushed the corners of the glass.

After setting up so many rounds, Fang Xinxin actually did not become a criminal who undermined the fortune of the Bai family and caused the life of the old lady to hang by a thread.

What's even more annoying is that the old man was not given a critical illness notice, but he woke up and could come to the wedding!

Especially in the wedding, even the charges of Fang Xinxin for sabotaging the Bai family's fortune were washed away!