Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Give Long's Equity

"Grandpa, have you ever thought about my feelings?" Bai Jingrou red eyes. Anything can be tolerated gracefully. But this matter is about eight billion.

Moreover, even her pro-granddaughter, apart from getting his 10 million pocket money, she has no shares at all!

"How do you feel?" Long Jingyuan stared at her questioningly, somewhat displeased, "Jingrou, you didn't mean that you are actively seeking relatives, not for the Long Family's property. Besides, my Long family, although it has a century-old foundation It used to be just the family of the wealthy. The Long Family has todays scale and achievements. It was my Long Jingyuan who worked hard. I have the right to dispose of any property of the Long Family. Why, I gave 10% of the Long Family Group Of the shares, do you show your true colors?"

"Grandpa, I didn't mean that. I just..." Bai Jingrou's tears fell, "I'm just jealous. You are better to an outsider than to your granddaughter."

"Okay." Long Jingyuan also softened his attitude, "You are the only heir to the Long Family." Inexplicably, he just didn't want to hand over the property to Bai Jingrou.

Fang Xinxin looked at the documents in her hand. It was really 10% of Long's shares. She put the documents back in her bag and handed them back to Long Jingyuan, "Grandpa Long, I appreciate your kindness. But, such a great gift to me. I really can't take it."

"My old man gave it to you, you just accept it!" Long Jingyuan insisted, "Besides, you have already accepted it. The wedding gift is definitely not refundable!"

Fang Xinxin glanced thoughtfully at Bai Jingrou who was unwilling, and nodded slightly.

According to the memory of the previous life, Long Jingyuan would die soon.

Now it seems that he would rather give the shares to her outsider than to Bai Jingrou. Depending on the situation, Long Jingyuan didn't like this granddaughter very much.

It's good to have the shares. Bai Jingrou's heart is not right.

In this life, she will not let Long Jingyuan die.

Just for the love of Mr. Long, if Mr. Long is deceived by Bai Jingrou in the future, she can return the 10% of the shares to him. At least let him enjoy his old age.

Bai Jingrou turned blue with anger when she saw Fang Xinxin's shameless acquisition of Long's 8 billion shares.

This is her money!

Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu in the banquet were also almost shaking with anger. Jing Rou's interests are equivalent to the interests of the two! It hurts as much as cutting the flesh of two people!

"Madam Bai, Mr. Long will also be polite to you, why are you embarrassed to take his shares?" Huang Zhishu was really angry, acting as the daughter of the daughter.

Before Fang Xinxin spoke, Long Jingyuan sternly shouted, "You are just Jingrous foster mother. When is it your turn to take the beak for my Long Familys affairs? Why, you havent got enough of the Bai familys money. Want to be greedy for the dragon's money?"

"I..." Huang Zhishu suddenly paled, "Chairman Long, I don't mean that."

"It doesn't mean that, just shut up." Long Jingyuan gave her a warning look.

Bai Jingrou was full of grievances, she didn't dare to speak any more, she just said, "I'm not well, let's go first." So she hurried out of the wedding scene.

No one paid any attention to Bai Jingrou who ran away. Fang Xinxin stood in front of the reporters camera and said, "Dear friends from the media, the Long Group is a century-old family, and there are always some people who are unclean. We, Fang Xinxin, hereby promise to temporarily take over the shares donated by Chairman Long. If in the future, as long as Chairman Long speaks, he wants to get back 10% of Longs shares as a gift, then I will offer it with both hands at any time."